Guesswerk – Artefacts LP (Review and Interview)

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Bristol-based producer Guesswerk recently released his debut album Artefacts. Consisting of 8 tracks, Artefacts incorporates his signature dubstep sound whilst diving into a more experimental nature of production on tracks like Dream, Fall ft. Charli Brix and Strange Times. Co-founder and owner of Imperial Audio, Guesswerk has been contributing to the dubstep scene for some […]

Ekcle: Deshoda

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After supplying a series of free downloads to the Inspector Dubplate platform over the past year, the UK-based duo Ekcle are back with their first full release, out now on Inspected Records. Deshoda is a four track EP that echoes quality from top to bottom. Each track guides the listener on an unpredictable, intriguing journey through experimental and beautiful […]

SPREP016 – Wheelton – CPH4 EP

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Californian label Sub Pressure Recordings are back after a short hiatus. A welcome return for the label with previous releases from the likes of Content, Darj, Jafu and Deafblind to name a few. Number sixteen for their catalogue welcomes Wheelton to the family with two original tracks and remixes by Section 8, Arta and AxH. Wheelton is known […]

MZK002: Dubbacle / VGB (Review)

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Depending on how long you’ve been following us here at Subsource, you may recall a certain Belgian label, Mo:Zaiek, who impressed with their debut release featuring Lyeform and TMSV. Well, they’ve returned with fresh material from producers Dubbacle and VGB, continuing in the fashion of two artists and two tracks per release. This time around the two Dutchmen most definitely extend […]

IFS005: Sub Basics (Review)

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Infernal Sounds, previously an unofficial promotional outfit, have made big steps since turning to official promotion and transforming into a record label in their own right. The label’s intentions were clear from the first release which featured the highly rated New Zealand based duo Perverse. A second release followed swiftly with the UK’s own Sepia. Infernal Sounds have continued making […]

Burial – Young Death/Nightmarket EP

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I now have in my possession the new burial release ‘Young Death/Nightmarket’. This is his second release of 2016 alongside the slightly average collaboration with ‘Zomby’. I quite expected at this point he would disappear into the background of suburban life completely, never to release anything again but fortunately not, Burial fans will find a […]

Review: UNITY001 – Headland – Tapescho/Midnight Drive

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2016 has been a big year for independent record labels, especially within the Dubstep community. Unity Through Sound is the latest addition to the scene, having invited New Zealand-based producer Headland to create the maiden release for the label. UNITY001 is a 2-track, vinyl only, 10″ release featuring Headland’s tracks Tapescho and Midnight Drive. Darren Underhill is […]

Hold Tight Records: 001 (Review)

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Hold Tight Records are a Bristol based label and collective, founded in 2015, who create and promote “the finest roots inspired music”. Their first official digital release is just around the corner, with a serious line up consisting of Dub Kulcha, Kreed and Foundation Audio’s bossman Chad Dubz. The Dub Kulcha duo are the first to step up to the plate with their original composition, Seeker […]

Lyeform – Stigma / TMSV’s Rusty 3 Star remix

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A brand new source of electronic music has appeared in the form of Mo:zaïek, a Belgian based label, founded by Maxim Van Hoeyweghen, who recently announced their first project. London based producer Lyeform and Dutch production wizard TMSV unite for this 2 track, 12″ vinyl release. The A side features Stigma, a heavyweight creation by Lyeform, whilst the B side will host a TMSV remix of Stigma. Limited […]