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Repping Hull by way of Manchester, rapper Marx is on the rise and attracting attention with his blend of honest and heartfelt lyricism atop anthemic and hard hitting beats. We caught up with him to hear all about how he got into rap, the hip hop scene in Hull, live rap shows , his metal and […]

Interview: Trim

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Trim has always been one of the most respected as well as one of the most eclectic rappers to have come out of the grime scene. He recently released his first collaborative album with the 1–800 Dinosaur collective and sees him demonstrating his vast and superior lyrical talent over a selection of forward-thinking beats. We […]

Subsource Introducing: Potent Whisper

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POTENT WHISPER Activist, Rapper, Poet Hip Hop has grown enormously since its inception and like any piece of art or music its meaning, core traits and purpose could be debated depending on your experience with, and knowledge of the genre. In my opinion the majority of current day Hip Hop seems to be over-saturated with artists, most of which […]