Khromi: Gentle EP (Review)

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Scotland-based producer Khromi recently released his latest project on the Australian label After Dark Music. The Gentle EP consists of four tracks including two collaborations, featuring appearences from Liquid Memoirs and RCM. If you haven’t heard of his music yet you should expect ambient, jazz-influenced dance music, generally floating around the 140bpm mark, perfect for this time […]

Substantial Audio 002: Repulsion

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Joshua Philpot aka Repulsion, based in Oklahoma, United States, describes his sound as left field, dabbling in everything from dubstep to lo-fi. Much of the intrigue around his productions comes from his experimental nature, as a lot of his tracks kind of float between genres. Many producers are content with creating instrumental beats, but not Joshua, with a tendency […]

Burial – Young Death/Nightmarket EP

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I now have in my possession the new burial release ‘Young Death/Nightmarket’. This is his second release of 2016 alongside the slightly average collaboration with ‘Zomby’. I quite expected at this point he would disappear into the background of suburban life completely, never to release anything again but fortunately not, Burial fans will find a […]

Hold Tight Records: 001 (Review)

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Hold Tight Records are a Bristol based label and collective, founded in 2015, who create and promote “the finest roots inspired music”. Their first official digital release is just around the corner, with a serious line up consisting of Dub Kulcha, Kreed and Foundation Audio’s bossman Chad Dubz. The Dub Kulcha duo are the first to step up to the plate with their original composition, Seeker […]

Iant – Body Lure EP

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Foundation Audio seem to have an ever-expanding selection of international talent emerging from their Bristol base, as you may have seen with our previous feature of Chad Dubz’s System/Seriously F**cked release. I felt it was necessary to take a step back and look at an EP that may have slipped under your radar, Iant‘s four track project, Body Lure, featuring a remix from […]

J Rose – The Mugshot EP

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Julia Rose, better known as J Rose, is a Dubstep producer from West London. A huge fan of the original Dubstep sound, her main inspiration comes from producers like Sukh Knight, Loefah, Caspa and Requake. You can hear the influence artists like those have had on her music, especially in her new release, The Mug Shot EP. This will be the second release with Under Surveillance […]

Sker – Open EP

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Sam Brown, or Sker, is a Cardiff born, Bristol based producer who creates ambient-electronic music. He recently featured on our blog as the first producer to giveaway a track for our Freesource download series. His latest project, the Open EP, has just been released by City By Night Records. Sker is a regular amongst the Basslight Records […]