Subsource Introducing: Smooth

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You may remember Smooth from his Dubstep days hosting a Rood FM show with now Encrypted Audio label owner Content whilst also frequently getting recognised as a doppelgänger of Beezy and Demon (now known as Nurve), Lee Grayland aka “Smooth” is now known for his four the floor beats. Lee still enjoys the halftime steppers of underground Dubstep […]

Subsource Introducing: Confidential. Collective

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Confidential. Collective Based in America, Confidential. Collective is the brainchild of Shelby Fyre and Ashley Roth. After Shelby thought of a t-shirt design she decided to run it past her best friend, and soon to be co-founder, Ashley. The initial idea blossomed into what is now a multi-media and fashion collective producing high quality products. The meaning behind […]

Subsource Introducing: Potent Whisper

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POTENT WHISPER Activist, Rapper, Poet Hip Hop has grown enormously since its inception and like any piece of art or music its meaning, core traits and purpose could be debated depending on your experience with, and knowledge of the genre. In my opinion the majority of current day Hip Hop seems to be over-saturated with artists, most of which […]