Interview: Introspekt

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Alonzo Hunt, more commonly known as Introspekt, is a producer from Los Angeles. Although you may not have heard of him yet, his sound is sure to resonate with you if you’re a fan of Grime or Deep Dubstep. Introspekt has a distinct sound that feels reminiscent of Eskibeat. Fortunately for him and his following, I’m not the only person […]

Review: UNITY001 – Headland – Tapescho/Midnight Drive

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2016 has been a big year for independent record labels, especially within the Dubstep community. Unity Through Sound is the latest addition to the scene, having invited New Zealand-based producer Headland to create the maiden release for the label. UNITY001 is a 2-track, vinyl only, 10″ release featuring Headland’s tracks Tapescho and Midnight Drive. Darren Underhill is […]

Review: INSTi010 – Koma – I-N-I EP

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Dance-floor Dubstep has suffered dreadfully over the last few years and is now finding resurgence almost unexpectedly and against the grain of usual music revivals. A thing demonised to such an extent as Dubstep will find it hard to re-imagine itself, but by combining its mid 2000s aesthetic with new up-to-date elements it will slowly re-insert itself into the British underground zeitgeist. There was always unexplored depth within Dubstep and KOMA seeks to dig out a little bit more.

GB005 – Malleus/Saule – Bad Kids/Saule – Kalakuta/Malleus – Parce qu’il est Mort

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The last few weeks have seen a bit of unwelcome drama in the underground dubstep scene; with both accusations of adultery and plagiarism polluting internet forums, Facebook posts and even Soundcloud comments. A focal point of this drama has been the almost fabricated rivalry between US and UK based dubstep; but while the Americans had […]