Frame 2 – Movie Premier

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Finland is personally one of my favourite countries I have visited and although I’ve only lived and stayed in Helsinki and its outskirts I feel like I have a pretty good sense of what goes on and what its about. However until now I didn’t know how big the skate scene was over there, it all makes sense though as the fashion sense definitely is very skate orientated and with the premier of Frame 2 we decided it would be a good time to showcase what its all about.


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CrewDo Ross Lindgren, AKA Arthur Fortune, is a successful video director, video producer, musician, founder of Stolen Productions, and most recently, CrewDo. Whilst studying at King’s College London University for 5 years, Ross kept himself busy with his passion for video and music by providing low-cost, video production services in a creative and professional manner. “The goal was to […]