IFS005: Sub Basics (Review)

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Infernal Sounds, previously an unofficial promotional outfit, have made big steps since turning to official promotion and transforming into a record label in their own right. The label’s intentions were clear from the first release which featured the highly rated New Zealand based duo Perverse. A second release followed swiftly with the UK’s own Sepia. Infernal Sounds have continued making […]

Substantial Audio 002: Repulsion

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Joshua Philpot aka Repulsion, based in Oklahoma, United States, describes his sound as left field, dabbling in everything from dubstep to lo-fi. Much of the intrigue around his productions comes from his experimental nature, as a lot of his tracks kind of float between genres. Many producers are content with creating instrumental beats, but not Joshua, with a tendency […]

Interview: Introspekt

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Alonzo Hunt, more commonly known as Introspekt, is a producer from Los Angeles. Although you may not have heard of him yet, his sound is sure to resonate with you if you’re a fan of Grime or Deep Dubstep. Introspekt has a distinct sound that feels reminiscent of Eskibeat. Fortunately for him and his following, I’m not the only person […]

Review: UNITY001 – Headland – Tapescho/Midnight Drive

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2016 has been a big year for independent record labels, especially within the Dubstep community. Unity Through Sound is the latest addition to the scene, having invited New Zealand-based producer Headland to create the maiden release for the label. UNITY001 is a 2-track, vinyl only, 10″ release featuring Headland’s tracks Tapescho and Midnight Drive. Darren Underhill is […]

Event Preview: Save Nightlife

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London is well known for being at the forefront of music culture, and nightlife, in the UK. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the closure of many of the cities venues, however, independent events companies are still on the rise and despite the recent closure of the iconic club Fabric, if you know where to look, […]

Interview: Talitha Gabrielle

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Talitha Gabrielle   A singer, guitarist and multi-talented musician currently based in Decatur, Georgia. I first heard Talitha’s voice thanks to digging around on Soundcloud and stumbling upon her music in early 2013. She instantly reminded me of a young Erykah Badu. Her voice inspired me so much that I reached out to her about […]

Hold Tight Records: 001 (Review)

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Hold Tight Records are a Bristol based label and collective, founded in 2015, who create and promote “the finest roots inspired music”. Their first official digital release is just around the corner, with a serious line up consisting of Dub Kulcha, Kreed and Foundation Audio’s bossman Chad Dubz. The Dub Kulcha duo are the first to step up to the plate with their original composition, Seeker […]

Iant – Body Lure EP

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Foundation Audio seem to have an ever-expanding selection of international talent emerging from their Bristol base, as you may have seen with our previous feature of Chad Dubz’s System/Seriously F**cked release. I felt it was necessary to take a step back and look at an EP that may have slipped under your radar, Iant‘s four track project, Body Lure, featuring a remix from […]

Noisily Festival 2016: Review

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Despite only discovering Noisily about a week before it was due to begin, I couldn’t be happier that I managed to attend. Just over an estimated 3,000 people made their way down to Leicestershire for the 4 day festival and from the aftermath of social media posts and pictures, it seems as though everyone thoroughly enjoyed their stay. Noisily had the atmosphere […]