INSTiLP002 // Kercha – Astronomer (Review)

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Instigate Recordings are somewhat of a ‘midrange’ label in the deep dubstep community. They haven’t been around for long and haven’t quite earned the esteem of bigger labels in the scene yet they still stand out due to some impressive consistency with their releases so far. Boasting a roster including Encrypted signees Koma/Binary, as well […]

SUBAD001 – Transmission Failure / Fluid Foundation (Remix EP)

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Austrian producer Gnischrew has big plans for the future with his newly established label, Sub Audio Records; the inaugural release being the ballsy independent vinyl release Transmission Failure/Fluid Foundation. After a few follow up free download releases, the label steps up with their first digital release in the form of a compilation featuring SUBA001 remixes […]

Distant Horizon EP

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There seems to be an influx of vinyl débuts for both artists and labels in the underground dubstep scene lately. Whether it be former blogs gone vinyl (Infernal Sounds), brand new vinyl only labels (Well Rounded Records) or in the case of Untied – digital labels expanding their horizons – it seems the record trade […]

UA018 – Feonix – The Underground EP

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With constant support from pioneers in the scene it is understandable why you can’t put on one of Youngsta’s fabled Minimal Mondays shows on Rinse FM without hearing one or more tracks from Seven‘s Uprise Audio imprint. The label has been a staple of the darkest and deepest dubstep music since its inception in 2012; providing […]

GB006 – Bisweed – The Baby EP

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Summer is here and American dubstep superheroes Gourmet Beats are stepping up to the plate once again with the fresh sounds of 23 year old Estonian Bisweed, in the form of two vibesy numbers: Baby and Fay. Not one for keeping things stale, Joe Nice is always looking to pick a different sound for each […]

GB005 – Malleus/Saule – Bad Kids/Saule – Kalakuta/Malleus – Parce qu’il est Mort

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The last few weeks have seen a bit of unwelcome drama in the underground dubstep scene; with both accusations of adultery and plagiarism polluting internet forums, Facebook posts and even Soundcloud comments. A focal point of this drama has been the almost fabricated rivalry between US and UK based dubstep; but while the Americans had […]