Crystal Catcha – Animal Kingdom – EP IMP010

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Possessing an intriguing and distinct sound through the various cyclical permutations of underground bass music is something few musicians achieve. Crystal Catcha however has achieved this whilst also creating some dynamic and forward thinking tunes. Animal Kingdom promises to be another bass heavy ride into the unknown, with a consistent style abiding. This is the tenth release from the ever excelling Imperial Audio who push dark and experimental music though their well laden platform.

FAV003 – DTR – First Rhythm/Between The Lions/Walls of Babylon (Akcept Remix)

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The first EP to grace my inbox this year is a corker, another release from the prolific Bristol dub label ‘Foundation Audio’ who have been steadily cultivating unique sounds in Bristol’s fairly saturated dub scene. Will their latest release DTR‘s – FAV003 continue the trend of diversity or simply slip into the background of Montpellier […]

2016’s most important, creative and influential tunes

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Are you ready for yet another list of really good songs that have majorly influenced the UK music zeitgeist and brought joy and movement into peoples lives? Yes you definitely are! This year has had some dizzying highs and pathetic lows but the underground music scene continues to blossom in its cyclical daze. The following list is in no way complete and in no particular order. It merely a cross section of the awesomeness of 2016.

Burial – Young Death/Nightmarket EP

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I now have in my possession the new burial release ‘Young Death/Nightmarket’. This is his second release of 2016 alongside the slightly average collaboration with ‘Zomby’. I quite expected at this point he would disappear into the background of suburban life completely, never to release anything again but fortunately not, Burial fans will find a […]

Review: INSTi010 – Koma – I-N-I EP

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Dance-floor Dubstep has suffered dreadfully over the last few years and is now finding resurgence almost unexpectedly and against the grain of usual music revivals. A thing demonised to such an extent as Dubstep will find it hard to re-imagine itself, but by combining its mid 2000s aesthetic with new up-to-date elements it will slowly re-insert itself into the British underground zeitgeist. There was always unexplored depth within Dubstep and KOMA seeks to dig out a little bit more.