/Shindig Festival 2018

Shindig Festival 2018

Roll up and get your wellies involved, in the Funkiest festival in the west! Shindig weekender. Join us in the fluffy mayhem of grass stains and Soul vibes, fizz and glitz. The line up is even bigger and better then last year as the festival grows so does our love for music. Headlining Mr Scruff, Jungle Brothers, Norman Jay for a jump up stomp on the dance floor, Cut chemist and many more booming performances. And to soften the blow there will be a wide range of acts and entertainment, for family as well as the slightly cheekier encounters, such as the Cabaret!  The Planet Earth Talk, Karaoke, Acid house therapy, Comedy and Crafts. Tropical Tea Party, Kids Kingdom, Glamping and many more delights to explore,morning and night.

“This year’s theme is ‘Over the Rainbow’ – so manifest those dreams you dreamed when you were ‘way up high’ and adorn yourself with the ‘colours of the rainbow so pretty in the sky.’ This is going to bright and so beautiful.”

We will be supporting biodegradable glitter and the Red Fox campaign, if your travelling from Bristol why not cycle with Red Fox and make the journey a memorable part of the festival fun, whilst being kind to the planet and meeting new Shindig folk on the way. There will be DJ competitions so get your decks out and your best Vinyl, ready to win the crowd. If your a foodie, you will enjoy the diverse palette of local foods to asian and Peru cuisine, street food, Ivor’s ice cream, Bristol’s Hippy Chippy and many more delicious stalls. Fresh revitalising juices, organic cider, veggie and vegan scrumptious stalls and cakes. But for the carnivorous bacon breakfast kids on the block, we have sizzling fresh and organic farm meats also.

Food, glitter and funk aside, for the more holistic approach or if you just want to nurture from the night before, we have the Wellbeing Garden. Offering Yoga, meditation, Reiki healing, Thai massage, raw food cafe and many more healing treatments to offer for the much needed relaxation time. Sit back and watch the colourful fun from a distance if preferred, maybe with a message or cup of tea.

“The award-winning event always has “the dopest line up” in the Cuban Brothers’ opinion and this year is no different.”

Don’t forget to get involved in the Dress up theme for this year, ‘Vibe Tribe’, totally in your hands, what is your vibe tribe? Glitter, animal print, disco, funk, garage, psychedelic? You decide and flaunt your tribe! Painters, hoopers, glam rockers, stall traders, musicians, punters, cider drinkers what ever your vibe lets play and make a memorable year at Shindig Weekender! See you there for many vibrant decor, costumes, smiles and some of the best music!