Interview: The Rise of Distinkt

Distinkt is renowned for his sub-bass driven style and weighty drums so when this up and coming producers club classic, ‘Chinatown’ reached 19th place on the iTunes dance chart, it hardly came as a surprise. 

The iconic track incorporates floor-shattering bass alongside heavy crunching drums which ricochet through clubs across the whole of the UK. Followed up by the breakthrough track, ‘Slim Shady’ , its unforgettable bass line and catchy sample it’s no wonder both tracks have left fans wanting more.

Distinkt’s swift rise in the scene hasn’t come without countless hours of hard work and late nights in the studio over the past few years. He’s come a long way in the last twelve months; from not being printed on the flyer for supporting DJ Zinc at Patterns, to playing a sold-out headline show at the same venue a year later. The next few months look to be filled with surprises as tunes have been kept tightly under wraps with special releases to follow. This summer you can expect to find Distinkt making his way across the UK festival circuit and rumour has it he may even be making an appearance abroad…

His hard work has earned him respect from the likes of UKF, Chris Lorenzo and My Nu Leng, just to name a few so we decided it was about time we caught up with this unstoppable force to chat about his whirlwind of a journey.

How long have you been producing for and what made you want to start?

I started to make Dubstep and Hip Hop instrumentals at the age of 14 on Cubase and Maschine. I was heavily into drumming before that, from the age of 9. I moved back to England, from Spain, at the age of 15 to study drumming and that’s when I discovered raves, bassline and drum and bass and it just went from there. Then I just started making heavier music on logic pro X.

Who are your biggest inspirations in the genre?
I take inspiration from every corner, from Zed Bias to DJ Hazard. I don’t have a particular inspiration. I listen to a lot of Drum & Bass and also a lot of Grime. Heavyweight Grime instrumentals definitely play a part in my style.

You’ve had a busy year then?

Yeah, 2017 was mad. I got the chance to play at some crazy events and Rinse FM. I’ve done my first round of England, hitting clubs all over the UK and even being flown out to Germany. I got to make an official remix for Rudimental’s track, ‘Sun Comes Up’ , which was a wicked opportunity.

Wow, what can we expect from you in 2018?
I’m working on a few collaborations this year and I’ve got an EP in the works too.  I’m trying to bring something new to the table this year genre style-wise, whilst still sticking around the same bpm.

Where do you make your tracks?

I produce all over the place, I have a studio in my room and sometimes I hit up Electric Studio’s in Brighton – they’re really good, or sometimes  I work just in the living room. I spend a lot of time travelling and on trains too so wherever there’s a plug socket I’ll be on my laptop making something. It sounds weird but it’s nice to switch up the atmosphere around you when making tracks because sometimes that might have an effect on my creative flow.

Who is killing it right now in the scene?

Chris Lorenzo, Jook, Holy Goof, Redlight,the list goes on. There’s so many people killing it right now.

You said you like drum and bass, what’s your favourite song at the moment?

Oooh that’s hard to say because there’s so many… probably Clipz & Dj Die – Number One. The breakdown in that track is so sick.

What festivals can we expect to see you at?

I’m at Springfest in April, Detonate Festival in June which is going to be sick! I’m also going to be at Boomtown for the special ten-year anniversary which will be amazing. I’ve been to the last four Boomtowns so it’s pretty cool and humbling to see my name on the line-up this year.

Anyone you’d like to acknowledge for showing support?

Big up anyone supporting my music – you are the best! Thank you to anyone who has ever booked me too. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the promoters and everyone behind the scenes so thank you!