Pop Up Kitchen Review: El Chupacabras at Hare on the Hill

The Hare on The Hill just of Nine Tree Hill in Cotham has hosted a variety of pop up kitchens in its time and since last December has been the home of Mexican street food eatery El Chupacabras Mexican Taquiera.

The collaboration started after manager of El Chupacabras, Keil Wheatley became friends with the bar staff who regularly went to his popular cafe on Stokes Croft, Door and Rivet. The project is a new venture from the team, who have loved working with the bar and enjoyed the freedom of throwing together a menu without the stresses of opening a restaurant.

El Chupacabras tossed around various ideas for the pop up and eventually settled on Mexican street food telling me that ‘The best thing about the food is that it is a fun food to have when your drunk and you can easily share it.”

The menu is diverse and affordable with options for meat eaters and vegans alike. Sides start at £3.50 whilst tacos are either £4 each or four for £14. If you’ve got a sweeth tooth you’ll also be happy to know they offer a dessert option starting at £8; Their food is very moorish and for the standard and size of the portions it’s good value for money too!

I was fortunate enough to try an assortment of tacos from the sharing platter which had a mouth watering selection of Steak, Chorizo, Prawns and Jackfruit, each flavour-full and a great way to find out your favourite combo.

El Chupacabras  also creates their own take on everyones favourite snack; the humble chip. Their delicious seasoned fried can be topped with any of the taco fillings but the best thing about their version of dirty fried is the nacho cheese dip, I’d go back just for that.

However the absolute highlight of the experience was being brought the special Burrito Bowl filled with fries, rice, beans, pulled jack fruit then topped with pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. It certainly packs a punch with on the spice front and having wanted to try jackfruit for a while, this was the best introduction I could have had to the food; it’s the perfect meat alternative that made me (almost) want to turn vegetarian.

All in all I would highly recommend trying the menu whilst you’ve got the chance, like all pop up kitchens it won’t be there forever so get yourself to Hare on the Hill asap!