Up and coming Dallas rapper Junya Boy is putting his hometown on the map once again with his fresh take on hip hop. With a new single out now featuring Bryson Tiller and a new album Time And Time Again out soon, he is definite lay a star to watch out for. We had a chat with him to hear all about the new album and single as well as Dallas hip hop, his love of country music, his style and influences and he even kicked a verse for us.

How did you get into rapping in the first place?

It just came to me as something I wanted to do all my life. Ive been writing music since I was only 9 years old.

Who are your biggest influences as a rapper?

As a rapper I would have to choose lyrical artists such as The Notorious B.I.G, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne. Just to name a few, but over all musical influences. I lean more toward country, Blake Sheldon, Billy Ray Cyrus, Talor Swift. I love a great story teller.

How would you describe your rapping style?

I cant really categorize my musical sound, but I’m in between Country and Hip Hop. I just have a different sound from other artists. I strive to be different .

What are some of your favourite rap albums?

My all time favorite album is The Carter 2. Then in second is Illnatic by Nas. Those are classical albums.

You have a single out entities He Ain’t Right, which features Bryson Tiller.

Yes I do…

What is the song about?

It’s just to let a woman know basically, if your man won’t love you and give you the attention you deserve as his queen, there’s always a man ready to take his place. Its a banger. It has had great feedback so fa

Your forthcoming album Time And Time Agains out soon, can you tell us a bit about the album?

Just look for it to be packed with hits. I want my first album to solidify me as a staple in the music industry. I work harder than anyone I know, so its gonna be huge. I give my word.

How did the recording of the album go?

It’s all just fun to me. Music is my passion, so it never feels like work. I had a great time working on that album and lots of more projects I have coming soon. I’m just in grit mode.

Does the album title refer to anything in particular?

Time and Time Again I was told I would fail. Time and Time Again I proved them wrong. So its a lot of meaning and significance to that title.

The videos for your songs Oh Oh Oh and Whip Some Sick were shot by DJ Goodwitit. He has a certain cinematic style, how did you hook up with him and will you be doing videos for songs off your new album in the future?

I know GoodWitIt through some or the Dallas artists I work with. Hes big in Dallas, so I always support my stomping grounds. that’s how that xame about. I will definitely have nore videos to come. I’m actually in the process of doing a new video now.

The production on both those songs is immense, especially Oh Oh Oh which really works well with your quick flow. Who did you work with on those tracks?

I worked with Hot Rod on that track for Oh Oh Oh. I worked with a guy name GK on Whip Some Sick. I love great instrumentals, so I will work with anyone.

A lot of rappers from the South have slower flows but you have a quicker flow. Was that intentional to make you stand out?

My style just came to me. I never really practiced. I just started rapping and I was very versatile.

Is the new album in a similar style to what you have released in the past?

Every time I record new music I kinda look to add a different sound. I always try to get better, so yes and no to that question.

What inspires you as an artist?

My biggest insperation is to get my family to a better position in life. That’s the type of things that make me happy.

What part did your hometown Dallas play in your coming up as a rapper?

Dallas had no part in making my style but my struggle in Dallas made me want a better life

Whereabouts in Dallas are you from and did your environment inspire you as an artist?

I’m from South Dallas. One of the hardest parts of Dallas. I was inspired by that because of the poverty and overall struggle.

Dallas is the birthplace of legendary rappers like The D.O.C and Mr Lucci, were any of these rappers or local artists an inspiration to you?

I grew up listening to Mr. Lucci. He was my favorite artist for a while. I also have heard great music from D.O.C.

What is the hip hop scene like in Dallas nowadays?

It’s pretty big. We have lots of artists, but they are so inside the box, most will never be heard. I strive yo stay outside the box.

Coming up in Dallas, did you and your people there ever feel overshadowed with the spotlight being on Houston artists?

No, I never felt overshadowed. I only started taking music serious about a year ago, so I never really cared.

You recently shared the stage with the legendary Eightball and MJG. How was that experience?

Aww man, that was a great experience. I always wanted to meet them. They are some of the best lyrical artist to ever touch the scene. It was very great.

What other rappers have you played shows with and who would you live to do a show with in the future?

I did a carshow, every Dallas/ Ft. Worth artist was there, but I don’t look as that as sharing the stage. So I don’t have any.

If you could perform in a cypher with any three other MCs, who would you choose and why?

Wale, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Wayne. I love their lyrical content. that’s really the perfect line up for me.

How would you describe your live show?

Its gonna be lots of energy, and a real performance. I do a real show.

Are you a fan or aware of any hip hop acts coming out of the UK?

No, I’m really lost on lots of music. I mostly only listen to my music. I’m not really into other music.

Which up and coming rappers could you recommend to us?

To name a few, Yella Beezy, C Struggs, TrapBoy Freddy, Go Yayo, T Major, and NFL Young Ice. I support my section, so look out for them.

Could you spit a quick rhyme on here for all your fans in the U.K.?

Heavenly father, I’m sorry to bother you, but/ a couple of my friends been involved in a problem, I’m asking for guidance, I need it but fuck/ I know we ain’t spoke in a while, but that’s probably cause I ain’t wrote in a while/ I been chillin deep off in the jungle, so I’ma quote Jay Z with this one no church in the wild.

What music are you feeling at the moment?

I only really listen to my music. I’m working on a project so I’m just on my craft as of now.

What are your aspirations for the rest of the year?

I’m just gonna keep working, and solidify my name as a household name. I just need you all to keep watching.