/Interview: Getting Funky with aæe

Interview: Getting Funky with aæe

Up and coming producer, aæe, is bringing back summertime UK Funky vibes one beat at a time.

With support from Jus Now, Roska and Jamz Supernova, aæe is certainly one to listen out for. Whilst creating his own sound he has earned himself a firm spot in the UK Funky scene, as heard in the track, “Shots”. Combining styles of influential artists Murder He Wrote and Snøw, he incorporates an extended melodic introduction with prolonged reese bass and Snøw’s rhythmic drums to create an upbeat, fresh and fluid ensemble that is a carnival anthem for sure.

His recent work develops a creative and innovative style exemplified in the highly anticipated track, “Switchblade”; a choppy, club – inspired instrumental which is reminiscent of artists such as Scractha Dva and Ahadadream. We’re dying to find out the release date…

In his mission to dive into the industry at every angle, aæe is also part of the events company ESO which brings some of the most sought after acts from across the genres to Bristol. Their last night hosted at Thekla drew an impressive turnout and I’m sure before long ESO will be making waves through Bristol’s nightlife.

How long have you been producing for?

I started playing around with production when I was about 10-11, but only really started taking it more seriously in the last couple years. I started off messing around with Dubstep and Drum n Bass, as the music scene evolved I began experimenting more with Grime & Garage. I got introduced to UK Funky by Bandi at around the same time. Now I’m happy to say that I seem to have found a place for myself within the Funky scene which I’m excited to see make a revival, the scene is definitely stronger than ever right now and I’m looking forward to see where it can go.

How have you built support from Jus now and other artists?

I guess just through being persistent, sending out tracks to the right people and getting myself involved in the scene in anyway I can. I met Ahadadream a couple of years ago at Outlook festival and we began talking and just kept in contact, eventually him & Snøw (Jus Now) came together to start up More Time Records and they asked if I wanted to do a release with them and I guess it just went from there.

Explain how you guys came up with ESO what makes it different to the rest of Bristol’s nightlife?

I was brought in to the mix after moving to Bristol where I live with two of the guys who were already running it. I’d say what makes us different is that we try to tailor our line ups so they are aimed at more of an esoteric audience, hence the name.

Switchblade is one of your latest tracks, what were your main influences?

A lot of the influences for this track came from Bandi, at the time we were listening to a lot of UK club music labels like Night Slugs, Nervous Horizon, Sans Absence etc. which I guess is where some of the harsher stabby sounds of the track were influenced by. As for the drum patterns they were mainly down to Bandi, so I can’t say where his influences lie but I can guess they were fairly similar.

And when can we expect a release date?

We’re just in the process of getting the artwork done, so we’re looking at sometime in the next couple months.

What can we expect from you in the future?

So, I’ve got the switchblade EP with Bandi that we’ve been working on for the past year, which I’m very excited for. I also have a single release coming out on RKS (Roska Kicks & Snares) with Fonzo in April. I have a lot of music that’s still in the works but at the moment I’m looking to try and push my DJ career a bit more, so hopefully you’ll be seeing me on a lot more line ups soon!

Do you have any advice to other up and coming artists like yourself?

Like I said before just be persistent and always keep an eye out for good opportunities.