/Mac Lloyd – It’s Not All Bad I Promise

Mac Lloyd – It’s Not All Bad I Promise

Set for release on March 1st,  Mac Lloyd’s new album ‘It’s Not All Bad, I Promise’ will bring the little bit of sunshine you need to get you through the last few months of winter.The 24-year-old from Chippenham created and recorded this album filled with ambient electronic beats and drowsy vocals throughout 2017. The mishmash of electronic production, jazz, soul and hip hop melt together to create a chilled and reflective mix of tunes.

Mac Lloyd, real name Robert Mcleod, is a dedicated member of Bristol based record label, Beat Bandit Recordings and has previously been featured on works such as Sideline and Stil Bizzy (Prod A.G & 47ASKA). This album however is a self release and for a first album, let’s just say it’s pretty impressive.

The first song ‘Trapped’ opens with synthesised vocals, combined with abstract drum sounds to create a chilled out, rippling effect. This song will also make Mac’s debut video and he has teamed up with renowned filmmakers This and That to create a visual representation of the song. The album is said to come from ‘a place of self-reflection’, and focuses on topics such as loss, addiction, heartache and triumph.

The fact that Mac Lloyd has been able to create such a drowsy, effective result whilst keeping the sounds very subtle comes from a place of impressive talent and his music immediately transports you to lazy summer city days. A personal favourite of mine is ‘Poor Old Soul’; it instantly gives you those summer vibes with slightly snappier vocals, twinkling piano and blissful beats layered under edgy, down to earth lyrics. Some incredible artists have also been featured on the album, with Jman, Cassie Madly, Ben Holyoake and Oliver Cocup of Lambhorn lending their talents. A perfect combination to Lloyd’s mellow, ambient sounds.

If you’re a fan of artists like James Blake’s, ‘It’s Not All Bad, I Promise’ is a must-listen. Not only are the tracks very listenable, the album artwork also draws you in with its trippy cowboy and indian illustrations. The album will be available from all major digital outlets on March 1st.

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