Jon E Cash – Hoods Up Dub (Sam Binga & Chimpo Remix Ft Trigga & Killa P)

Chimpos Box N Lock imprint has unleashed a killer remix of grime pioneer Jon E Cashs classic Hoods Up also known as Cash Beat. With Chimpo himself and Sam Binga on remix duties, the production dons link up with formidable microphone champions Trigga (who joins Chimpo and Sam Binga in repping Manchester to the fullest) and Killa P (who represents Brixton just as fully).
With the remix fully saluting the Black Ops original riddim, Sam Binga and Chimpo add their own style to the brooding beat, injecting some drum & bass energy into one of grimes most iconic beats while Trigga and Killa P trade verses that vary between bigging up the crew on remix duties London, Manchester and even Bristol and more hardcore content as the track progresses with the results being nothing less than devastating, their prominent lyrical adding more heat to the already hot musical goodness as we have come to expect from both MCs and having them both on the same track is heaven for fans of the pair, hearing them speed up their flows in reaction to the pace change is immense.
The video for the remix is not to be missed either, filmed on a camcorder in Container Records in Brixton, it pays tribute to the lo-fi early days of grime videos and definitely captures the energy perfectly.

“The usual suspects, Time to get dark again” Trigga declares at the beginning of the track and what follows is two and a half minutes of pure destruction in a remix that keeps Jon E Cashs original riddims soul but infects it with some pure heat on a remix you’ll be hearing all year long.