/Levelz- Front Face

Levelz- Front Face


After another successful year that saw them not only release an abundance of quality music but also expertly conquer stages all over the country and beyond including standout performances at Parklife, Love Saves The Day, Nozstock and Outlook amongst others, Manchesters Levelz crew ended 2017 on a real high with the release of their latest banger Front Face.

A succession of increasingly blaring bleeps starts the track before morphing into a straight up anthem that the fourteen strong collective are renowned for that features fired up verses from the Levelz crews finest with Skittles, T-Man, Truthos Mufasa, Chunky, Chimpo and Black Josh all spitting heat on the mic over a blazing beat courtesy of the crews core producers Biome and Metrodome.

As we have come to expect from the Levelz guys, Front Face is an eclectic and riotous slab of upfront energy that will cause dancefloors to erupt in frenzied bouts of vigour. The video which was shot at this years Outlook captures the group in their natural onstage habitat and you can feel the energy pouring through the screen as the track explodes with all the MCs raising hell on the track and every single one of them coming correct with razor sharp verses.

With such a great track to end the year, it is with high hopes that we will see more new material from Levelz in 2018 and in the strength of Front Face in particular, it will be more than worth waiting for.