/OSA001- Nuboid – Rezonate

OSA001- Nuboid – Rezonate

Off-Switch Audio is a brand new label specializing in underground sounds that launches with this white label of Rezonate by Nuboid complete with the Six Sunsets and Sam ULG remixes as the B-Sides and this is the perfect release to kick off the label.

Nuboid produces music that heralds the greatness of the dubstep sound but transcends it with a firm focus on ambience and this results in the forward thinking bliss of Rezonate. A dreamy opening morphs into a minimal blend of bass, synths and beats which is turns both hypnotic and inspiring. There is a spacey feel that is prevelant throughout the track and this results in a futuristic G-Funk vibe albeit one with a completely British underground feel and is definitely one for after the clubs.

The Six Sunsets remix adds a layer of grime to the proceedings with Rezonate getting the full treatment, with Sixth Sunsets turning the track into something that Ruff Sqwads Prince Rapid or Terror Danjah would be proud of. The originals spacey feel is taken over by a high energy at times but retains its hypnotic feel, albeit one that is a touch more paranoid this time around although with the energetic feel, it is perfect for the dancefloor.

OffSwitch Audio boss Sam ULG is last up on remix duties and adds another twist to the original with a remix akin to Zombys more recent material. Hard flourishes come and go and only add to the mechanical tension and while that dreamy nature is prevelant, there is an undisputed harder edge to it that results in an intriguing and inspiring listen.

Rezonate is aptly named as the three versions of the track will certainly resonate with fans of forward thinking bass music and is the perfect jump off point for OffSwitch Audio, a label that is set for big things in the future.

This first release is out on October 20th and is available to preorder on the links below. Don’t miss out.

http ://offswitchaudio.bigcartel.com