BOKA046 – Guesswerk – Falling/Untitled/Untitled (Quest Remix)

Guesswerk returns in fine style with this double A side on the mighty Boka Records. Having previously released material by Compa, RDG and Squarewave, the label have previous for releasing quality tunes and Guesswerks Falling/Untitled is a fine addition to the labels musical arsenal.

Falling is a Eastern style, uplifting tune with a nagging rhythm that will be stuck in your head for days and this alongside the swarming bassline results in a track that sounds equally at home on the dancefloor or for a setting with a more chilled out vibe. The track reaches an energetic crescendo as it reaches its conclusion but retains the same feeling as it did as it begun and sets things up well.

The folowing track is the Reservoir Dogs sampling creep of Untitled, a collaboration between Guesswerk and Onethird that follows that great start up well. A claustrophobic feeling is all over this one as the beat skips by with a knowing menace. While this one has a different outlook to Falling, they both come from the same place sonically and will certainly work well in a live setting. The robbery planning dialogue from the classic movie weaves in amongst the rhythms well and matches the musics sheer intensity. Again, as with Falling, the track ups its tempo towards the end of the track with a sharp influx of bass increasing the power.

The final track on this release is the Quest remix of Untitled that transforms the original into a more techy affair that sounds less claustrophobic but still retains the originals menacing vibe with its throbbing and aggressive bass bounce and  that fits the track like a glove.

This is a great example of not only the vital material that Boka are releasing but also the producing talent of Guesswerk (as well as Onethird and Quest) and will go down a storm when it is played out or played at home, as long as it is played loud either way, obviously!