/BS006 – Subtle Mind & Dillard, Sam ULG – Temporal/Cubano Dub

BS006 – Subtle Mind & Dillard, Sam ULG – Temporal/Cubano Dub

Summer may be slowly coming to an end but the Banana Stand Sound crew are closing it out with a brand new release of summery dubstep in the form of their latest 180gr record, BS006. BSS are a label who don’t tend to release often, but when they do, they like to bring a perfect blend of relatively unknown producers and familiar faces, often opting for split releases. In this case they grace us with us the sounds of Subtle Mind, Dillard and the fairly unknown Sam ULG.

The A side comes from a trio of producers formed by Cali duo Subtle Mind and Denver’s Dillard; all artists well known for their melodic iterations of dubstep. In the trio’s first collaboration, titled Temporal, the mesh of styles compliment each other forming a very jazzy number. There’s a hell of a groove, a lush Rhodes piano, subtle vocal chops and snappy snares; what more do you need in a summer tune? Another thing to note is the low-key free jazz improvisation styling in the track’s arrangement, which gives it an almost live feel and a lot of movement – showing that all three of the producers are capable of giving dubstep the musicality that it can sometimes lack.

The flip side brings us the vinyl début of up-and-comer Sam ULG, with the aptly named Cubano Dub. This track is a rather special one – a lot of left-field dubstep in the current scene is called that due to its darkness and dissonance; however this track is experimental in a completely different way. Exhibiting sampled instrumentation manipulated and reversed from obscure South American music, and funky tribal percussion, the track really brings something completely unheard of to the one-forty BPM scene. Saule’s Kalakuta which I reviewed here is one of the only tracks that come to mind when looking for something to compare this tune to.

Once again Banana Stand Sound bring some quality music and if you’re looking for something a bit different to end your summer with you can pre order the vinyl here. Those who purchase the vinyl will also get a two track digital EP from the same producers with more of the same jazzy summer goodness.