Compa – No Hype feat. Footsie/In Check

Since 2011 Compa has gained a reputation as one of the most well known and well respected producers in the underground scene, with a string of well received releases including a number of notable ones on Deep Medi.

His sound remains faithful tyo the underground in the spirit that’s he has always displayed but Compa is not one to rest on his laurels and each subsequent release sees him developing his sonic assau lt on the senses.

His latest release No Hype backed with In Check is the first release on his own label and one that sees him, first of all teaming up with Newham Generals mic master and all round deadly lyricist Footsie who unleashes lyrical venom on the track and also on his own formidable terms and it’s been well worth the wait to see him do things the Compa way.

Over a sinister and focused string infused beat, Footsie targets fake MCs and their lyrical baravado with the confident swagger of someone who knows they can’t lose lyrically, sneering at not only the recent pretenders on the mic but also those who’ve been around a while and it’s beautiful to hear. The fact that it’s with the the same wit he’s demonstrated since he first started slewing MCs at the start of the decade makes it even better.

Footsie completely destroys The A-side lyrically as you would expect (don’t forget Compas beats of course) but do you think that Compa would let anything that wouldn’t stand up beat wise pass for the flip side?, sans lyrics, Nah, The B Side is the sound of Compa unleashing the same venom in terms of beats as Footise does lyrics, aka a lot! Menacing. Thats the only word that sums it up. Beats, samples, feel. The perfect foil for No Hype, either way you play it , it works. Dance floor killers.

Compa and Footsie, Compa, Compa again, Footsie and Compa, any combination, it doesnt matter, just unleash it and watch it as it destroys!