Cid Poitier – Zeitgeist/Grim Creeper

Dark, deep and minimal sounds are always a pleasure to hear and South London based producer Cid Poitier has all three down to a tee with his latest double A side release, Zeitgeist/Grim Creeper.

Following on from his last two EPs Deep Logic and Afrique, this release showcases this darker side to his productions here and both are fine additions to his musical arsenal.

Zeitgeist is a minimal and haunting tune with a nagging but comforting beat that infiltrates your head while retaining a menacing feel thanks to the constant throb of bass, add to this some choice samples adding to the overall atmosphere and you have the recipe for a track that is the epitome of menace and does nothing to apologize for that fact.

The brilliantly titled Grim Creeper is a tune that lives up to its title with its best and keeps up the minimal nature with its shimmering vibe and is perhaps a bit deeper than Zeitgeist but adds as the perfect counterbalance to that tune. The track vibes along nicely and elevates as it approaches its conclusion with a touch more energy that rounds things off well.

This is the first release on Sub Clef records and if this is the shape of things to come from the label (and I’m sure it will) then they couldn’t have picked a better way to start and Cid Poitier, who has been building with his music constantly,with this release will see himself going on an upward trajectory with his vivid music and I look forward to hearing more from both in the future.