M.A.B – Deep, I Remain!

As one third of hip hop collective Three Headed Beast (alongside Twizzy and Jinxsta JX)  and on his own, M.A.B has been delivering an assured lyrical flow and punchlines aplenty over head knocking beats for a while now and returns to the public s consciousness with his new mixtape Deep, I Remain!, and he certainly remains deep with his hard hitting lyrics and spitting on beats by the likes of Alchemist, Havoc and Evidence as he does here, he sounds like he’s having the time of his life.

Opening track Time For Action is less of a mere track and more a statement of intent for M.A.B to issue warnings to anybody who has written him off or forgotten about him. He runs riot over the shimmering beat and defiantly starts as he means to go along and gets the mixtape off to a banging start, something that continues throughout Deep, I Remain!

From Where You Beens quickfire double time flow to demolishing any contender that stands in his way on Rise Of The Machines over A$AP Rockys 1 Train beat (On the form he’s on here, we would pretty much stand toe to toe with any of the rappers on the original track, possibly even Kendrick too!) to the soulful but hard hitting All On Me, the triumphant Not Your Average, the heartfelt Tryin To Find A Way Home and the scathing Alleviation,  M.A.Bs commanding flow and soul bearing lyrics shine through.

As the mixtape ends with the self explanatory Me, Myself & The Mic it is clear that this is a talented rapper with enough skills to get further and further with his craft, especially with the form he is on here and if this is only his mixtape, it’s certain that he’ll have something special in store if (or hopefully when) he releases an album proper.

With this mixtape, M.A.B has made an exciting project, one that entertains, informs and inspires in equal measure and it wiltl be with much anticipation that his next music (be it with Three Headed Beast or on his own) comes through and when it does come through it will be on his own terms as he maintains as he spits on Not Your Average, “No I ain’t your average, I’ve always been an outcast, it’s never been about fame for me, it’s always been about bars”, and long may that continue.