INSTiLP002 // Kercha – Astronomer (Review)

Instigate Recordings are somewhat of a ‘midrange’ label in the deep dubstep community. They haven’t been around for long and haven’t quite earned the esteem of bigger labels in the scene yet they still stand out due to some impressive consistency with their releases so far. Boasting a roster including Encrypted signees Koma/Binary, as well as Youngsta’s up and coming prodigy Akcept on their catalogue, Instigate are slowly making a name for themselves.

With their next release, they’re bringing in a rather enigmatic figure – a producer who doesn’t even seem to have his own Soundcloud page and has exclusively released on Substruct up until now. His name is Kercha, and the Astronomer LP is the second album on Instigate since DTR’s dubbed out Vibes Machine.

Originality is the key to this LP; each and every track differs slightly from the other whilst remaining true to the core bass music theme. This album however manages to avoid the derivation you see in a lot of underground digital releases nowadays. It encompasses a lot of different styles; everything from the Jersey club sounding vibes of Touch Steel, to the riff fueled genre defying Electric Toys and the percussive workouts of Forest.

There are hints to the organic vibes of Burial (Mechanic), nods to the dubby experimentation of King Tubby (My Little Vibe) and in general just a solid mix of styles; all the while avoiding sounding like a copycat of any of the aforementioned artists, and rather just a perfect culmination of Kercha‘s influences.

All in all the LP adds another dimension to the Instigate catalogue and Kercha‘s output as a producer; definitely not one to miss if you’re either looking for some new tracks to play out live or just a fantastic home listening experience.

The album is out now and can be bought here.