SPREP016 – Wheelton – CPH4 EP

Californian label Sub Pressure Recordings are back after a short hiatus. A welcome return for the label with previous releases from the likes of Content, Darj, Jafu and Deafblind to name a few. Number sixteen for their catalogue welcomes Wheelton to the family with two original tracks and remixes by Section 8, Arta and AxH. Wheelton is known for providing ‘techy’ intricate weight to his productions and this EP certainly lives up to his previous work.


First up, the title track features grime-esque strings, a barrage of kick drums and mid-bass growls that force you into submission. In CPH4, Wheelton has crafted a dark, dancefloor-suited escapade that teleports you into the depths of a dubstep themed dungeon.

VNS introduces itself with bravado. The mysterious lead synth entices the listener whilst the intricate percussion combines with deep sub-bass to trigger an irresistible head nodEerie melodies unite with murky mid-bass and hard-hitting, crisp drums, resulting in a well-polished and intriguing second track.

Tempa’s AxH takes the reins for the first of two remixes of title track CPH4. Much like the original, the upbeat kick drum sets the pace whilst extra percussive elements provide texture. An adaptation of the original strings fused with his own spin on the drums, and ambience, merges together to create a tortuous remix.

Now for the second remix of CPH4, this time with Section 8 on the buttons. This remix, unlike the original and AxH’s version, strives for a more halftime style. After the alluring introduction, the track drops into a seemingly bottomless pit of bass and creepy ambient sounds. Section 8 has managed to create a completely different atmosphere in a stylish manner whilst still paying homage to the original.

Finally, Arta adds his own touch to Wheelton’s VNS. Although the main melody remains quite similar, the introduction of bit-crushed sounds and the quirky, unconventional style this remix emits makes for an interesting listen.  The reverb-soaked snares, that were a lot tighter and less of a focus in the original, are an admirable switch up here and the added percussive elements introduce some welcome texture.

Whether you arrive as a fan of Sub Pressure or not, you’ll definitely leave as one. The CPH4 EP is an amalgamation of the dark side of the dubstep spectrum with elements to please everyone. Wheelton set the standard high with his original tracks, but everyone awarded with remix duties stepped up to add even more quality to the release with their own unique interpretations of his creations.