MZK002: Dubbacle / VGB (Review)

Depending on how long you’ve been following us here at Subsource, you may recall a certain Belgian label, Mo:Zaiek, who impressed with their debut release featuring Lyeform and TMSV. Well, they’ve returned with fresh material from producers Dubbacle and VGB, continuing in the fashion of two artists and two tracks per release. This time around the two Dutchmen most definitely extend the fine reputation the young label is quickly building, with Dubbacle’s Amsterdam Madness and VGB’s XXIII.

Dubbacle kick’s things off with Amsterdam Madness, a heavyweight but minimal track that quickly cements interest in the release. Intrigue is sparked early in the introduction with the incoming bouncy synthesised lead and crisp hi-hats. Everything then drops out to leave the perfect amount of space for the vocal sample “Ya Understand?” leading into the drop. ‘Amsterdam Madness’ truly unfolds here as a mix between steppy drums and extremely low sub bass quickly captures your attention, meanwhile, the lead synth sound acts as a sort of alarm going off amidst the madness. Later, an addition of another set of hi-hats, that feel like closed rides, elevate the track further, adding extra value to the incredible feeling of old-school, deep dubstep. Everything remains clean and spacious throughout as Dubbacle proves his level of spatial awareness and understanding track of arrangement.

The B-side is just as exciting in the build up, however, placing more emphasis on the use of delay than its predecessor. XXIII begins with a well-timed delayed sound to lead, layered with considerably dryer hi-hats. As the delay slows down, creating suspense, met by a short but eerie ‘rise’ sound prior to the drop. The delayed sound retains its position as the lead piece of this pleasant puzzle, joined by a sub-bass that will rattle your chest and hi-hats that could cut through steel. VGB has created an engaging and stimulating journey through an industrial-esque soundscape, adding elements at each stage to keep things fresh and a clever use of delays from start to finish. Mo:Zaiek uphold their status as a label to watch but with a few more quality releases like this, I could see them being at the forefront of the deep dubstep scene amongst the other labels inspiring producers across the globe. (No it’s not flat Shaq!)




Get your hands on the 12″ here. Or if you’d prefer to cop the digital version check here.