J Hurley – Back In The Hood EP

Milton Keynes based J Hurley began his music career as a rapper releasing Hip Hop and Grime under his own ‘Hizzal Records’ imprint. With four releases behind him he became part of what is now one of the most uniquely interesting bands in the UK, Hacktivist. A Metal band infused with Rap verses and Grime style MCing it can only be properly unveiled by listening to them. With the success of Hacktivist touring over the last few years and visiting over thirty countries it gave J time to write on the tour bus and in hotels, continuing his solo career.

“In a scene thats saturated with fake, I’m coming with something thats real, I can only do me” – J.Hurley

‘Back In The Hood EP’ combines Grime, Trap, Hip Hop and Dubstep influences, J Hurley presents himself with real lyrics, humour and serious subjects, its quite refreshing. He talks about his movement through the industry, tour life, family and references his home town frequently, which is nice for fans who have supported him since day one.

The title track is almost a classic Hip Hop track, almost G-funk. The bassline, vocal and melodic keys alongside J’s lines make for a head nodder. As the above quote states, J is real, tracks like ‘Body Bag’ and ‘Beatle Song’ have a slightly more violent point of view but he delivers it with class and a smile, there is no chip on this guys shoulder. The skit on the album ‘Out Out’ is a rowdy nod to everyone who’s ever had a mad unplanned binge and ‘Oddity’ is a Trap/Dubstep infusion, with a clear message of strength and pursuing the dream whilst keeping it real. Finally we end with ‘Rap Don’ a well earned title for the last track on the EP.

“This EP is a slice of my life since joining the band, playing in over 30 countries and coming back to my home town” – J.Hurley

It’s clear that J Hurley has his own style and point of view. We welcome his next imprint on his record label ‘Hizzal Records’ but for now you can buy the EP from J’s Bandcamp HERE.
Support a hardworking artist doing what he loves and in all honesty who is killing it in two different music scenes!