Interview – Egoless

Festival season is rapidly approaching and will be here before you know it with bills being announced frequently in the years opening months. One of the highlights of the UKs festival season is always Love Saves The Day with the Bristol festival garnering praise for its eclectic lineups and brilliant atmosphere. Ahead of this years festival which takes place at Eastville Park on Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th we had a quick chat with Egoless who is playing the Brouhaha stage hosted by Hold Tight Records on the Sunday to hear his thoughts on playing the festival, playing in Bristol and the big tunes in his sets at the moment.

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You played at Love Saves The Day last year, how did your set go?

I played last year at the same stage (Brouhaha). It was the final gig of my UK tour that’s happening this year in May as well. I had a good time playing and it was the first festival I ever played in UK.

What can we expect from your set on the day or do you keep that under wraps until you play?

Since I’m performing with Killa P on the mic, I’m sure it will be a bit different than usual because most of the time I perform solo. But since I’m playing a live, not a DJ set, the dynamics and possibilities of a live set with one of the best MC’s in grime will be very interesting. I’m curious and excited to see how it goes, it’s definitely gonna be the most different set on my May tour.

You’re playing the Hold Tight stage on the Sunday. Who else is guaranteed to bring the fire on the stage?

I played with Vivek & Dego Ranking a couple of times last year, they always deliver great vibes. Personally looking forward seeing Pinch & Sherwood as I have tremendous respect for them, yet never saw them perform together.

Who else would you love to check out on the day on the other stages?

Would be great to catch Fat Freddy’s Drop & Badbadnotgood but sometimes at festivals it’s best to just roam free and discover new things.

Have you got a lot of love for the Bristol crowds?

Long before I even started this project I had big respect for music coming out of Bristol since the 80’s until now. After my first visit I was already sure that this city and people are one of my favourite in UK. The feeling of mutual support and respect, diversity in styles, very psychedelic approach to music and a crowd who supports it. What more can you wish for?

What’s your favourite memory of playing a gig in Bristol?

Definitely the first time I played in Blue Mountain, organised by Hold Tight crew. It was a short visit, but since it was the first time visiting & playing in Bristol I was very excited, and it was a great night. Second gig is definitely Teachings in Dub & ZamZam & Peng Sound fundraiser in Trinity Centre.

What’s the best set you’ve ever played at a festival?

Definitely last year at Outlook Festival on the Moat stage.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a festival?

It’s hard to choose, but if I had to pick I would pick a whole festival… Fusion Festival in Germany, an amazing experience overall.

What is the track that you reach for that you know will damage any dance floor?

A couple of them but these two are sure shot most of the time:
E3 & Alter EchoWarning Dub (Egoless remix) and  EgolessLike a Nuclear Bomb

What are your three favourite tracks at the moment?

To be honest I haven’t listened much of new music for a while since I am very busy finishing some music and forthcoming releases in the studio nowadays. The latest Commodo release on Bandulu is sick!

If you’re playing at a festival. What is the one thing that saves the day for you?

Seeing a lot of people in one spot enjoying music together in peace.

If you could play a set with anyone else, who would you choose?

Since I’m not playing a DJ set but a live set it’s hard to play with someone. I would definitely enjoy playing a set with some musicians, I see it as a natural progression to the thing I’m doing at the moment, so we’ll see what future brings.

What else have you got planned for the rest of the year?

I have quite a few shows booked for this year in Europe, UK and some overseas so again like last year it’s gonna be a lot of travelling and playing which I really like. I have a tune forthcoming on Tempa, really excited about that. Also extremely excited about one EP that’s gonna drop later this year but I’m keeping it undercover until time comes…