Crystal Catcha – Animal Kingdom – EP IMP010

Possessing an intriguing and distinct sound through the various cyclical permutations of underground bass music is something few musicians achieve. Crystal Catcha however has achieved this whilst also creating some dynamic and forward thinking tunes. Animal Kingdom promises to be another bass heavy ride into the unknown, with a consistent style abiding. This is the tenth release from the ever excelling Imperial Audio who push dark and experimental music though their well laden platform.

The first tune on the EP Crane & Tiger is a stonking tune with a deep resonant bass, clever sampling and brilliant production. It really grinds along in a relentless tirade, a wall of ambience and terror. Never giving up its quest to sink to new deepness, the end of the song becomes rumbling bass perfection. I think this one is probably my favourite on the EP it seems to be a moment of pure genius.

Animal kingdom is dense, strange and apocalyptic, more great samples, more great bass, just more awesomeness everywhere. It drags you into a dense forest full of dark corners and strange beings, a place of dread and constant predation. A dark compression surrounds this tune as it ceaselessly encloses you in darkness and fear, its brilliant and original and sounds amazing over the big speakers. It has the same sort of pound and density as a Clams Casino tune but a much deeper aesthetic.

The next song Locusts possesses a strange eerie quality again, its chaotic patterns and subtle ebbing combined with loud and stabbing basslines makes for multiple layers of goosepimps. A song content to rumble along in its disturbing gape it makes for a great listen. It sort of sounds like the music for an early 2000’s Lucozade ad which I really love, it’s a great song with a lot of great production ideas in it.

With a glitch 80s video game vibe Endgame chimes away signalling the end of a dense, chaotic and terrifying EP. Its struggling building dub vibes build to a crazed and beautiful resolve. Beautiful if not discordant vintage synths clash against each other whilst the drums shuffle along in a swirling ordeal. A frustrated and driving tune, this song again has that close element of dread that this EP really vibes with.

Animal Kingdom is an intriguing and beautifully produced EP that has literally no time for your shit. A confident and well composed piece of music that will leave you wondering if there’s some creepy dude standing right behind you right now.

You can buy the release from Juno Download exclusively until 06/02/2017 and then all other download stores from thereafter. If you want to support the label and artist even more then you can buy it from the Imperial Audio Bandcamp.