/SUBAD001 – Transmission Failure / Fluid Foundation (Remix EP)

SUBAD001 – Transmission Failure / Fluid Foundation (Remix EP)

Austrian producer Gnischrew has big plans for the future with his newly established label, Sub Audio Records; the inaugural release being the ballsy independent vinyl release Transmission Failure/Fluid Foundation. After a few follow up free download releases, the label steps up with their first digital release in the form of a compilation featuring SUBA001 remixes from the likes of Dubape, labelmates Raptix, Linguist and more.

The original tracks were already vinyl quality with their spaced out sound system culture orientated vibes. The remixes build on the dub vibes of the original release and expand them, twisting the genre restraints and bringing them into new territories.


Dubniusversion of Fluid Foundation (the only producer on the EP to remix said track) is most definitely grounded in roots dub, featuring classic delays, skank chords and rolling basslines. Immediately after, we’re treated to a switch in direction with DMG‘s version of Transmission Failure; a techy, neuro infused bass line workout. Bacon Dubs veteran Dubape‘s take on the same tune is fittingly a spicy mixture of both the dubbed out vibes and the neuro textures of the previous cuts.

Next up, Dubblestandart performs a quality live dub version of the same track; an extremely spacey, stoned amalgamation of sound. Linguist takes his remix to the extreme, with jungle breaks and extreme cuts and chops, creating an unexpected vibe that promises to murder a dance floor. To close off the EP, Raptix‘s dub delay filled flute extravaganza of a remix brings you into a world of bass bin madness.

Overall the EP is a great way to showcase Gnischrew’s new, powerful imprint, and tells us a lot about the rising scene in Vienna (where all of the producers on the EP are from), and how it’s here and not afraid to delve into the world of deep dubstep.

The EP is out now and can be bought here.