Version Collective – VA – Certified Organic Vol 2 (VCC002)

After the success of their first compilation album, Version Collective return to the fold with a follow up – featuring an eclectic mix of fresh and veteran producers. The label has a habit of signing many artists – a polarizing decision in a small scene such as underground dubstep. While it is a positive thing to bring newer heads into the limelight, it can often bring a lack of quality to a release such as a compilation.

As a whole, the aforementioned decision makes the theme of the LP hard to pin down – Bunzer0, Le Lion, Teffa and the enigmatic Iilti bring a more tribal, murky and lo-fi aesthetic to the plate, a juxtaposition with the cleaner and more sound design focused sounds of Murk and Shiva and Rygby (among others). While the theme of the compilation may not be completely coherent; the quality remains strong throughout, and it’s nice to see less widely known producers such as Heavy Korat, Soultwist and Basiclee have a chance to showcase their music on a label.


Overall, VCC002 is full of quality tracks with its major flaw possibly just being the fact there’s almost too many tunes in the release, giving it a slight lack of direction. That being said, it’s definitely worth a purchase based on just the stand out tracks alone; Teffa’s rolling Grounded, Iilti’s unreal remix of Blicka’s Womple (possibly the best of the compilation), Le Lion’s adequately titled Focus Point (Tribal Break) as well as rising star and Encrypted signee Rygby’s Marvyn make the compilation a solid purchase for any DJ or listener. The release is also a great sampler of the underground dubstep scene; making it worth even just a listen if you’re looking for new and upcoming producers to follow.

The compilation is out on the 27th December.

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