/Frame 2 – Movie Premier

Frame 2 – Movie Premier

Finland is personally one of my favourite countries I have visited and although I’ve only lived and stayed in Helsinki and its outskirts I feel like I have a pretty good sense of what goes on and what its about. However until now I didn’t know how big the skate scene was over there, it all makes sense though as the fashion sense definitely is very skate orientated and with the premier of Frame 2 we decided it would be a good time to showcase what its all about. The film premiered in Finland at two cinemas on December 5th, but for those elsewhere is premiering worldwide online from 10th of December at 10am GMT for 48 hours so this is an exclusive look at the film and to see some of Finland’s best skaters and riders in action before it is sent off to distributors, behind this film is Frame 2’s producer, director and editor Eddy Tihane. You can watch it HERE or continue to read and find another link at the bottom of the article, but remember you don’t have long! For now here is the official trailer;

Frame Issue 2 proves that the world is rife with people who have a burning desire to push beyond boundaries and limits while striving to motivate and inspire its viewers to get up off that couch and dare to implement their own dreams!” – Eddy Montoia, Frame 2 

“Frame Issue 1. Published in 2003, Frame Issue 1 was a film about a group of best friends indulging in their favourite pastime of Jackass-type nonsense, spiced up with appropriate amounts of skateboarding!” – Eddy Montoia, Frame 2

So if you have a love of skating and extreme sports or are just a fan of the culture it would make sense to delve into a different countries scene and see what they get up to. I mean, Finland is known for its love of Vodka, makes sense when its -25 degrees outside in the winter, so does this mean the skaters are softening their blows with a few cheeky shots? – Theres only one way to find out.
The film was shot at locations in Finland, Brazil, Spain, France and Portugal all with Finnish riders and the ethos behind the film looks at how we all go through life wanting to reach a certain goal or desire but a lot of the time aren’t confident or brave enough to go out and achieve them.

“This film deals with the strong philosophy behind extreme sports from around the world: what makes a skater attempt seemingly impossible tricks over and over again? Why is that in-line skater prepared to risk a hospital visit when trying to land that ludicrously difficult jump?”  – Eddy Montoia, Frame 2 


Jyri Pitkänen – Finnish Skateboarding Champion

Konsta Kortteinen – Multi-disciplined Championship Gold Medalist

Andy Kruse – In-line Skating Legend

Alex Lekinho – Known Worldwide For His Extremely High Jumps

You can watch the film HERE from 10am GMT on the 10th of December for 48hours, share, like, tell your mum and most of all, enjoy!