/Subsource Introducing: Function 16

Subsource Introducing: Function 16

Bath isn’t known as a landmark for underground music in the way that it’s larger brother Bristol is, yet plenty of well-known musical talent has emerged from its Bath Spa university. The likes of Fred V & Grafix, Addison Groove aka Headhunter and Appleblim are only recent additions to a long list of names of alumni, although Bath has hosted the education of producers, artists and curators of underground music, the city has been in the shadow of neighbouring Bristol in regards to events. This is quite an oversight as Bath has an array of fitting venues submerged beneath the pavements perfect for underground music, however, the last couple of years have seen a steady incline in bass oriented genres making its mark on the Roman city and Function 16 over the past twelve months have been doing just that.

After a meeting with the Function 16 crew a couple of weeks ago we decided to work closely with the brand and capture what they are about, the first night we attended to film was with Kahn and Neek headlining, they, of course, shut down the place. It’s going to be a busy and vibe-packed season for Abby and Seb as they prepare for their subsequent events in future months including TQD, Flava D and a secret Deep Medi headliner, we look forward to continuing our work with the brand.

Past DJs at Function 16 include Flava D, Hi5Ghost, Riz La Teef and Batu, more recently Wen, Kahn, Neek and Sub Basics have graced the decks for Abby and Seb’s brand. With focus set on pushing the growth of Bath’s nightlife in mind, the pair thoughtfully curates each lineup to provide music they enjoy and believe in and to bring good vibes all round, which in the end is what it’s all about. Below is our highlights of their last night on Monday 10th of October, expect more footage to come of future events and a round up next year.

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