Noisily Festival 2016: Review

Despite only discovering Noisily about a week before it was due to begin, I couldn’t be happier that I managed to attend. Just over an estimated 3,000 people made their way down to Leicestershire for the 4 day festival and from the aftermath of social media posts and pictures, it seems as though everyone thoroughly enjoyed their stay. Noisily had the atmosphere of a free party, a breath of fresh air in comparison to the larger, more commercial festivals where the atmosphere is completely different. I’m not saying that people aren’t friendly at larger festivals, but there was a sense of community, and love, that I haven’t experienced at a festival before.

Mind, Body & Soul

In the preview article for Noisily festival I mentioned their ethos and how the organisers place an emphasis on self-reflection, spirituality and positivity. That ethos was most definitely reflected in my experience there. You could participate in yoga and meditation classes, discover ancient shamanic teachings, chill out at the camp site cinema or wind down with a massage amongst other things. Noisily featured tons of activities to keep you busy, a few of my favourites were the acrobats and fire performers, as well as a group of people who roamed the site roleplaying as cavemen and women. Everything combined to create a relaxed and fun environment for all. In the midst of all the crazy events happening world wide of late, Noisily was the perfect example of how people of all ways of life can come together and forget about the divisions that are often manipulated upon the public by the media. I arrived with an open mind and left full of inspiration to write music and tons of new artists to keep track of. One of the best things about Noisily, was that it introduced me to different styles of electronic music, different kinds of people, food, art, and much more. The festival creates an environment where you can truly relax and be yourself, as is the case with anything in life, the more effort you invested in exploring the site and getting involved, the more you’d get out of the festival.

The food at Noisily was amazing, from delicious burgers to spicy Mexican burritos, pizza’s, vegetarian options, curries and even full English breakfasts just outside the Mind, Body & Soul area to fuel you for the days ahead. The way Noisily was designed, from the choice of location to the various unique stages, was simply incomparable to anything I’ve seen before. The site transformed into a magical, multi-coloured forest at night thanks to all the lights placed around the site, which lit up the surrounding tree’s to create an amazing and unique setting. (The Narnia of festivals…)

Regardless of what kind of music you’re into, there was more than enough variety to both suit your needs and point you in the direction of something new. I arrived not knowing many of the artists on the line up and spent the majority of my time at the Noisily Stage, discovering a new passion for progressive-techno, despite thinking prior to the festival that I’d be glued to the Treehouse Stage because of it playing host to Kursa, Koan Sound, Joe Ford and more. Other stages included The Liquid Stage, the main place for live performances. The Leisure centre, a more intimate area mainly featuring drum and bass and the faster sides of electronic music. The Bass Lab was another smaller area created by the Bassport FM and Route 1 Audio crews providing the more Garage and Dubstep focused vibes throughout the weekend.

Not only does the festival allow for expansion of the mind, it does so in the most conscious and green way possible, ensuring the festival does its best to be make a positive impact on the environment, and the people. I witnessed little to no litter on the floor, whether that was down to a fantastic job by the clearing up staff or the conscience of the people attending, it was a pleasure to see. Loowatt provided clean, posh toilets for a fee of £3 per use or £15 for a festival-long pass. The toilets use a waterless technology that has the ability to generate energy in the process, for more information on how they work visit their website. All of the Noisily staff were welcoming, friendly and helpful which helped maintain the festival ethos they can be proud of. I couldn’t be more excited to return next year. Highly recommend making it to the next one!


 I’d like to thank Professor Stretch and Tom Jenkins for making it possible for me to attend the festival, capture all of the photographs and experience the amazing things Noisily has to offer. Keep up to date with everything that’s planned for Noisily 2017 via

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