Distant Horizon EP

There seems to be an influx of vinyl débuts for both artists and labels in the underground dubstep scene lately. Whether it be former blogs gone vinyl (Infernal Sounds), brand new vinyl only labels (Well Rounded Records) or in the case of Untieddigital labels expanding their horizons – it seems the record trade is the strongest it has been for a long time.

Even though the argument of digital versus physical is an age old one, the fact that people are willing to invest so much time effort and money into underground producers and their music is a positive one. A common method of bringing a label to the forefront of the vinyl frontier is to have a less known artist that deserves recognition complimented by a more established one. In the case of Croatian label Untied, owner 207 (MUD) presents us with the sounds of underrated producer Reamz and ex Kryptic Minds member and pioneer Leon Switch.


The EP opens with Reamz‘s Distant Horizon featuring MC Flipza stonker of a track that makes one question how Reamz isn’t a name we’re used to hearing alongside the giants of Chestplate and Macabre Unit. Although he’s had his fair share of success on the Bacon Dubs imprint, he hasn’t quite reached the forefront of the scene with his own iterations of the techy, rolling DnB influenced dubstep that once completely dominated the scene. Hopefully though, UDV001 will change all that – the neurofunk bass-lines that infect this track are designed so perfectly and meticulously that they easily rival those of members from all of the aforementioned labels. The drum work is tight and punchy, complimenting both the bass and the sci-fi synth lines in fine style. While some forum warriors might argue that the twisted mid range bass is ‘overdone’, when performed well it never fails to impress; if only from a ‘how the fuck did he make that?’ standpoint.

The Leon Switch remix twists and turns the track into yet another master class in sound design from the Kryptic Minds legend; but with such immaculate stems it would be virtually impossible for someone like Leon to do anything but inspire. Turning the track into more of a rolling, progressive beat, it’s a great compliment to the original. Hitman takes the release in a slightly different direction for its finale; with a somewhat oriental flavour and classic tongue-in-cheek grime vocals. To give credit where it’s due, in both tracks Flipz couldn’t be more on point with his bars cheeky, clever and with a brilliant flow, the MC really helps carry the tunes to the next level.

The Distant Horizon EP is out the 23rd and is available to buy here now on Redeye.