/Interview – Miss Red

Interview – Miss Red

Earlier in the year Miss Red unleashed her first mixtape, the formidable and brilliant Murder and we caught up with her to hear all about it, her Dancehall favourites, her work with The Bug and what she has planned for future.

How did you initially get into dancehall and reggae growing up in Israel?

It was something that came to me through my sister when I was younger. She introduced me to reggae music and from there it began. I was digging it for a while and I discovered it was an actual sound you know. My friends were doing it for a while and I would one to their gigs and go with them to get 7″s and buy them. There was this whole thing about 80s dancehall that we were doing and experimenting with and it was a really nice time and still is today. We were all living in Haifa, on it and it was great.

Who were some of your inspirations or influences when you started out as an MC?

The first one,when I first discovered ragga and dancehall was Yellowman, Sister Nancy, Lady Ann. From 82 style, like Nickodemus and stuff like that. Also from around that time Spice and Lady Saw and all of the girls from the 90s. Basically I’d say dancehall music in general. From all the years I have different favourites. Jamaica definitely. I also must say I love hip hop and the influence but Jamaica the most. Chaka Demus even. Capleton, Ninjaman,every part of it I can get influenced by, basically it’s a big hall of dancehall that I love!

How did you hone your distinctive style of MCing?

I always had, like a different voice in a way, it just came to because if who I am. I go through a lot of streams in a way as an MC because I do singing and I do like to chat, it kind of gets mixed up together and I can feel different things in each kind of style so I can get very versatile in that way but it’s getting influence from wherever I go of whoever I see.

You live in Berlin now. What is it about the city that made you move there?

I moved because it gave me a lot of opportunity and the studio of The Bug is here and that makes it easier to work on. I’m on and off, it’s a very nice place in Europe, I just got back after a month of being out. It’s always nice to get back and it’s easier for me here too, I’ve been here for almost two years now and I have my place and I have my studio and it’s ready just for hanging out and doing it, it gives me a lot of quiet and it’s super chilled you know. I feel like it doesn’t matter what happens around here, the vibe of the city is crazy.

How does your sound go down in such a predominantly techno obsessed city like Berlin?

Yeah, well, but you know I go to my parties all the time so I don’t really have that need to investigate that too much. Regardless of techno and things, everything goes through here, it’s a music city so it’s still nice in that way. Every month there is a nice event so I don’t worry about that, but techno definitely gets a big hand in the city.

I’ve never been but have always wanted to so I need to sort that out this year!

It’s like a festival! In the summer, the city is just like a festival all the way out! People are into sounds and partying, people party hard, this is where they come to. All around the world, people come to Berlin to party hard.


How did you hook up with and start working with The Bug?

Me and Kevin, we met accidentally in an event that wasn’t supposed to be happening. It was a surprise event and hew as there for a different show but agreed to do a surprise show at a party and I came after working, it was Liberty Day. A very heavyweight party. He neatly broken window there from the sound! It was mad! Really fired up the dance and I was like I have to grab the mic, this is mad, this is too much! Acid Ragga, he was playing to me, I wasn’t aware really, it was something I’d heard but never saw live so I had to grab the mic. I grabbed the mic with him and we turned up the party more, it was a really, really nice dance. After that, he was just like hey let’s record. This is where something started. We just recorded Diss Mi Army and then he was like come to the next gig and we just kept on going. It was something that flew very well and that’s how it all started four years ago.

Were you aware of his work before you met?

Not really, I was in the army, in Israel it’s something that you have to do so when we met I was still in the army. When I finished my service I packed off to London.

What is your favourite Bug riddim?

Nice one, I don’t know if you know this, I don’t know if he released the Dada riddim. I think that he did but that’s just a really nice one, there is a lot, also Poison Dart is a favourite 100% yeah definitely. Fuck You Riddim! I dig that shit from the latest album. Yeah heavy things, heavy things.

Will you be doing more work with Kevin for some more Acid Ragga releases in the near future?

Yeah of course. We’re working all the time. So yeah, soon we’ll be recording again, some releases and everything.

How would you feel MCing over a different kind of Bug beat like Dirty or Iceman for example?

We do that sometimes in shows, when some grime tunes get put on and I jump on it you know, it’s cool, I love that.

How was the recent show at Fabric with The Bug, Flowdan, Manga, Riko Dan, Gaika and P Money?

It was a massive show. All of them together onstage was sick, sick, sick vibes!

What about the show at Bangface?

I enjoyed that show, I was the first time I performed with Riko Dan and also Gaika joined us so it was a really nice set up on stage. I enjoyed the show generally and yeah, vibes, I like that!

I was at the show you did at KOKO with The Bug last year and it was a phenomenal vibe there and everyone’s performance was pure fire, what would you say is your style at a Bug live show?

My style is you know, I want to wake up the people. I go deep in all kinds of ways. We start slow and then we go faster. It’s like a trip for me, every show I’m getting into my zone and I’m just trying to enjoy it and give it my all.

In a live setting, your flow works well with Flowdan in particular, would there ever be a chance of any recorded output between the two of you?

Oh yeah, there’s been talks about it a lot. I want to very much but he’s very busy and I am, but we will definitely. I would love to do that and will probably make it happen somehow.

Who else would you like to work with?

I’ve always wanted to do this track with Danny Brown, it’s like something was waiting for but it kinda lost its way but I believe it will happen, there’s n doubt in my mind. I’d really love to do a collaboration with someone like Riko Dan or anything I could do with Gonjasufi. This type of music that I love to make is something that I’d like to do with him if I could do that as well. When it comes to production, I’m working with the people that I want to usually and I want to keep with the people I’m working with at the moment for the album.

If you could assemble a team of MCs for live destruction, who would you choose?

Well, at the moment it’s really nice, the MCs we have. I wish I could have another girl who’s on the Bugs album, Alina. She came for some shows and that gave it some other aspects as well. I think it’s really interesting when we have different MCs to start collaborating with, grime MCs, dancehall MCs so it’s a full live show that’s got everything, it’s good to see that and be a part of it. I would like to be in Jamaica also with Dancehall MCs, it’s hard for me to say that because I’m so different and because I’m a singer style, making the choruses, the hooks you know. I enjoy that very much in the show when we’re together definitely! I really want to work with someone like Chronixx or Vybz Kartel, it’s something I’m interested in so that would be happening! I think so, you know!

Is Jamaica somewhere you’ve been before?

Actually not, you know. I haven’t had the chance. I’ve been waiting fir it for so long and I know that I will get there. I have to finish some stuff before I go there so I feel like it’s going to happen soon.

What memorable shows have stood out for you in the past?

You said about KOKO and I agree. I love that venue, it’s big but it’s so cosy and it feels really nice so I must say that. In Brazil, we had a live show in Rio. We had a capacity room and a system for twice that so it was a nice sound, the venue was good and it was a brilliant show. Shows in Haifa generally. Every time I have a show in my hometown, it’s the best thing ever. It’s mad anyway cos old friends are always coming so that’s something I always include in best moments.

Your brilliant Murder release is a pure statement of intent, did you want it to show a side of yourself that the public wasn’t aware of yet?

I don’t know, maybe the public don’t know because they haven’t heard but this mixtape in the time, a year ago, that collection of that time,I had this stuff going through me, this break up and ting, it could maybe be a bit more harsh but it’s totally me, since day one.

Aside from The Bug, you worked with the varying likes of Mark Pritchard, Mumdance and Evian Christ on your Murder release, how did you approach those different kind of beats to match your flow?

How I approach it is like, I have my melody, you know, it’s my own toll so you just put yourself in a way that you’re still on your own you know, it’s not a total different part of you but I jump on it, try to flow on it and play with it so something like that.

Who would you want to do production on your next release?

Theres a few I’ve wanted to work with. If I tell, I might ruin the surprises!

Have you any plans for a follow up to Murder at the moment?

Oh yeah, at the moment I’m doing 7″ singles. I’m putting out first of all the 7″ of Murder and then another collaboration with Ihshan Sound and Rider Shafique and then we’re going to put out some 7″s that we’re working on at the moment, another Acid Ragga thing which I’m planning to put out on my label. It’s gonna look nice this year! Also coming out with my crew from my hometown in Israel, Jahtari, we’re gonna make a few tunes, more in an 80s style but still in our day, it’s very much influenced but though. I’m always working on tunes and trying to see the album all the way, some tunes go in, some tunes go out but it will happen sooner or later.

Hopefully sooner! What makes a good beat for you. Can you instantly tell if your style will work on it?

Yeah, usually, like I know what to work on and how I’d work on it.mi like to go as wild as I can, it’s just the riddim coming out of me. Sometimes I come with something I already know, as long as the riddim goes more interesting, more out there, the more I can go wild with it but also I can go easier with it or go faster, it just depends.

What is your favourite Dancehall riddim of all time?

That’s a hard one, well, my favourite dancehall riddim, for me to ride on? It’s hard! I would go safe and say 85 riddim. It’s simple but I love it.

Have you hit any live shows coming up?

Yes, I have a show in Israel I’m hitting up with Die Antwoord, that’s an interesting one and then we’re going to the Unsound Festival in Toronto, Canada.

What about the UK, have you got any upcoming shows here?

London, 1st July at Corsica Studios with The Bug, Ihshan Sound and Rider Shafique.

I’ll definitely have to check that out!