Ross Lindgren, AKA Arthur Fortune, is a successful video director, video producer, musician, founder of Stolen Productions, and most recently, CrewDo. Whilst studying at King’s College London University for 5 years, Ross kept himself busy with his passion for video and music by providing low-cost, video production services in a creative and professional manner.

“The goal was to make videos for next to nothing that were so good, clients would feel they had gotten a true steal”. – Ross Lindgren, Founder


Word spread quickly about his video’s, leading to further productions for various major label artists including Rag N Bone Man, Roc Marciano and ContextSome of those videos received MTV airplay and one of them, Button Eyes – Simple Days, was awarded the Winner of Best Music Video at the Kingston Film Festival in New York.

 What is CrewDo?

Thanks to his time building Stolen Productions, Ross has accumulated the experience, and understands the struggles, of trying to organise a team to film at short notice. Ross and the CrewDo team have designed a service, now in the form of an app, that allows video production teams to add to their crew quickly and with ease. Find out the details below:


Accept Jobs Instantly

Accept or decline work offers instantly

Offers via SMS Text = No distractions.

No applications, work comes to you.


Find available Crew Instantly

Hand picked reliable crew with 1 text

Never get left empty handed last minute

Less time screening CVs and making calls

The only SMS booking service for film crew.

Currently open to Runners and Camera Operators to join.

Check who’s available 24/7 with CrewDo.

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“CrewDo is the marketplace for film production crew. The long term goal is to create a place where anyone can go and access professional filmmakers. No expensive or slow moving middlemen. Get who you need when you need them. The idea came about at the start of this year, following a number of big last minute shoots that suffered from problems when it came to finding crew”. – Ross Lindgren, Founder 

“We’re currently operating a text service that allows producers and ADs to find available production runners very quickly. This trial is a lean proof of concept that allows us to gather data towards building a full scale app later in the year”. – Ross Lindgren, Founder


 iOS and Android App Launch!

The CrewDo app is now available on both iOS and Android devices, so if you’re looking to get involved as part of a camera crew, or a runner, sign up for paid jobs via the app. 15 fully paid jobs were secured prior to the app launch and the start up is sure to grow throughout the year. CrewDo are looking to expand their core team, contact for more info. 

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