UA018 – Feonix – The Underground EP

With constant support from pioneers in the scene it is understandable why you can’t put on one of Youngsta’s fabled Minimal Mondays shows on Rinse FM without hearing one or more tracks from Seven‘s Uprise Audio imprint. The label has been a staple of the darkest and deepest dubstep music since its inception in 2012; providing a master-class in the neuro-funk influenced offshoot of 140 BPM bass music that somehow gained the title of ‘dungeon’ dubstep.

Whatever you want to call said music, the label has evolved up and away from the confines of that sound over their last few releases and Feonix’s The Underground EP provides us with a sound example of the label’s new horizons. Part of the LSN collective, Manchester born Jimmi Poston, aka Feonix, brings us more of that familiar, minimal, sound design-orientated dubstep that Uprise Audio loves to push, with a more refined, experimental and genre-twisting take in his new 5 track EP.


The EP fittingly opens with Door Way; a minimal stomper of a track that exceeds the expectations of the aforementioned ‘dungeon’ dubstep with its impeccable sound design and gun finger inducing drum patterns.

Feonix continues to surprise the listener with an unusual mesh of genres in Taro; the tune features an interesting use of a Ras Kitchen sample and can only really be described as a cross between Lil Wayne’s A Milli and some sort of twisted Commodo track, with tribal flavours thrown in for good measure.

The title track, Underground, goes back to Poston’s roots with a minimal, spacey tune including his signature neck snapping rim shot, hip-hop vocal chops and once again, sound design that creeps in and out of your ears in the form of twisted mid range madness.

Finally we have two different numbers featuring vocalist Simetra; The City, influenced by their trip to New York, appropriately has a heavy, yet unconventional hip-hop influence with a danceable swagger and funky bass lines. The other is Losing, a spacious, emotive number that really brings out the beauty in Simetra’s vocals, combining them perfectly with a mixture of dubstep and RnB; a perfect end to the EP.


All in all the EP is a fresh addition to the Uprise Audio catalogue, letting the people know that they’re capable of much more than just dance floor orientated bangers and that they’ll continue to be relevant in the dubstep scene for a long time to come.

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