/MEDS002 – Koncide – Consciousness EP

MEDS002 – Koncide – Consciousness EP

Bristol label Medita Sounds welcomes Nottinghams, Koncide to the label for his debut EP release, Consciousness EP. The labels second imprint after the Collective Colours LP gives Chris Hengmith (Koncide) a chance to showcase four tracks that compliment his style and the labels focus. Although Medita Sounds seems to aim for a certain style with the music the label pushes, its clear that it does not limit itself to a particular genre and instead explores brilliant music in all its guises.

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Almost Loved U opens its arms for a warm spectral embrace. Soft delayed keys run through the intro, clockwork percussion balanced in the depths amongst garage rhythms that steer the listener to the two step influence alongside vocals reminiscent of 90s RnB. This track is a definite “thinker” whilst being euphoric enough to be a summer listen.

Next up Bredda steps up the tempo with a halftime DnB vibe about it, a nod back to the previous track on the EP with the keys in the intro but then a shift of focus as the drumbeat pushes through. The piano melody sets the tone and again it feels like this piece is made for a variety of situations with emotion clearly set into it.

Manifestation welcomes intuitive percussive patterns amongst synth drenched tones. After the first 16bar we are into the mind of Koncide. Reversed samples shift our focus as the track progresses upwards, the piece certainly feels like it was made to move people through body or mind and the vocal sample reiterates that.

Lastly on the EP, Sol Invictus begins by smoothly flowing through a minute of lush vocals and chords until the somewhat offset beat pushes itself into the track. The two sides of this track compliment each other by being almost solar opposites, warm soulful vocals and synths bounce around cold pointy snares and percussion intertwining to give you a excellent fourth addition to the EP.

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