GB006 – Bisweed – The Baby EP


Summer is here and American dubstep superheroes Gourmet Beats are stepping up to the plate once again with the fresh sounds of 23 year old Estonian Bisweed, in the form of two vibesy numbers: Baby and Fay. Not one for keeping things stale, Joe Nice is always looking to pick a different sound for each release on the imprint and here he fittingly opts for some of Bisweed‘s most sunshine-laden music on 006.

Baby reels us in with a funky, danceable drum pattern that twists and turns into a beautiful, jazzy piece of innovative dubstep music – the track features everything you’d want in a summer anthem – from infectious melodies to feel-good chords – but its the mesh of influences that make this track stand out; it could just as easily be classified as ‘purple’ dubstep as it could jazz-dubstep, with the kind of vibes that are somewhere between an old Skream track (think Summer Dreams) and a modern Chord Marauders epic. It’s one of those special tracks that grow on you after a few listens, until you realise just the intro is enough to give you goosebumps.

Fay keeps the warm vibes going strong with yet another rhythm that’s almost impossible not to at least nod your head to; the drums are somewhat reminiscent of an old DMZ track that’s been given a modern, more complex swing and shuffle. Again, the jazzy colours are ripe and there’s a subtle, yet noticeable and rather odd South American flavour to the release; there’s even a bit of a salsa feel to Fay.

Once again Gourmet Beats doesn’t fail to impress and young Bisweed proves his influences stretch far and wide along with the scope of his musical prowess – it’s always a nice thing to hear a bit of happiness and melody in an otherwise predominantly gloomy genre.


The release is out on July 15 this year, so be on the look out for it – those who cop the release might even find an extra special bit of sunshine when they listen through it.

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