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Artists collaborate freely from different continents more and more nowadays, Steve Roe and Bradley Hutchings are on opposite sides of the globe with over 5000 miles separating their musical ideas but its something that is not interfering with their creativity as they get ready to release their debut Hip Hop, Trip Hop and Electronica influenced EP under the alias Ancient. Meeting at university in Gloucestershire the pair spent their three years together studying on a music course whilst collaborating successfully in various genres of electronic music, so it only seemed natural for the pair to keep doing so when Steve moved to Seoul to teach English.

“We want to keep expanding our ideas of merging electronic music with instruments, our influences include Caribou, James Blake, Jamie XX and their music seems to transcend the term of Electronic, we really like the cross over of textures and we want to take this idea a lot further” – Ancient

With separate music scenes for both involved in the project it brings not only a wider musical influence but also fanbase. Steve mentions that Korea is known by many as having a cheesy pop music scene which he now knows is far from the truth, plans are in place to collaborate with Korean artists and learn about the musical culture in Seoul and its surroundings. Closer to home Brad is based in the hustle and bustle of a capital city and although the music scene in London is so vast and creative it is sometimes hard to push a particular style through the saturated scene into the spotlight, something which should make for an interesting outcome of the duo in the future.


Out Now – Listen HERE

“We’re currently preparing work on our next EP with vocalists from Seoul and London. Nothing is confirmed yet but we have some amazing people interested in working with us.” – Ancient

The three track EP titled Infinity delves into the minds of Ancient and gives listeners a ten minute journey of what three years working up to the project and a 5000 mile separation of the creators can achieve. Brandy starts off the release with lush samples of R&B diva, Brandy and warm strings. The bass riff that salutes to greats such as Massive Attack and Portishead rolls throughout alongside half-time percussion, for the first track on the EP it stands out.

Next up is Interlude which creates a soft atmosphere similar to that of Brandy but refreshes previous ideas, this piece rises from the depths up into view and rolls slowly around the listeners mind, glitching in places it feels like it is lost but quickly focus is restored. Although the track is just under three minutes it allows you to get lost in its presence, perhaps there is a story in this short interlude.

Track three and the last on the EP is titled Jai, this is my personal favourite on the release. The track takes another avenue in rhythmic content to the its rolling brothers on the release and is more of a guessing game in percussion. It seems to be an aesthetic of Ancient to write warm music, in the sense that there is not much in the way of sharp sounds in their work and this is a definite welcome addition. Jai switches up half way through the piece and comes from what is almost a Hip Hop beat to a more Dub influenced track with delay ridden chords and guitar melody with ethnic percussive rhythms whilst the dreamy vocal samples continue to hug us through the speakers.

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