FAV001 – Chad Dubz – System / Seriously F**ked

Since their début release a year or so ago by head honcho Chab Dubz, (Future Echoes / Stereotype / Lost In Sound) , Foundation Audio have consistently climbed up the ranks of the dubstep underworld with release after release of sound-system-patented music featuring the likes of Clearlight, DTR and Deafblind (now known as Mujek).

Now the label has come full circle with their first release on wax, yet again with the sounds of Chab Dubz, in the form of System and Seriously F**ked – two rather different cuts that share the same foundation (no pun intended) of system-shaking dubstep.


Appropriately titling songs is something undervalued in the world of music – but both of the tracks here indulge – although slightly clichéd, the atonal, ambient introduction of System could join forces with a weighty sound-system to fill up the dark room of a club with enough of a trippy atmosphere to take the stoned inhabitants to a peaceful, yet somewhat spooky terrain.

Avoiding the typical 0:55 mark drop, one only has a short respite in the world of the introduction before they’re bombarded with an old-school, yet modernized skanker of a tune, sure to get any room of heads nodding until the end of a constantly and consistently evolving track.

Although the A-side is a relatively ‘safe’ tune for an inaugural vinyl release, a B-side always has room for more experimentation and here it doesn’t disappoint – Seriously F**ked takes us to a more unfamiliar realm of percussive madness, jungle breaks and vocal chops, with the odd dissonant chord and plenty of distorted bass stabs thrown in for good measure. Combining all that with a swung, 2-steppy pattern proves that man like Chad isn’t afraid to expand his bass horizons with a welcomed deviation from the norm and a track that draws influence from the jazzy swing of the Chord Marauders and the dubbed out madness of the likes of the Innamind crew.

All in all, Foundation Audio’s first outing to the land of wax is a promising one. This combined with their last digital release featuring the up and coming Iant and mastermind Clearlight make for a promising future from Chad and the label.


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