Brighton Music Conference

After a successful debut at the Dome in 2014, the Brighton Music Conference recently returned for the 3rd year in a row. The purpose of the conference, in their own words, is “to provide a platform for development and networking within the music industry, featuring various panel debates, Q&A’s, tech showcases, and an exhibition floor”.

The conference is held over two days and is a fantastic opportunity for any music enthusiasts to gain knowledge about music production, production hardware, the latest music start-ups, sound systems, and more!




There are two types of tickets available to enter the conference, the only difference between them is that the cheaper one will not provide you access to the Professional Theatre, but that’s just one of the many rooms available and there is also an exhibition floor with various booths, gadgets and enthusiastic musicians.



Most of the debates, Q&A’s and live production sessions were around 45 minutes long so the day moves quite fast, there are plenty of local pubs, restaurants, music venues and record stores to visit th the day throughout the day, and night, if you wanted to experience the diverse culture that Brighton has to offer. Read below for the 2016 schedule of events for a better understanding of the activities available.


BMC 2016: Schedule

Thursday, 14th April

Friday, 15th April



Maschine Roulette x Shogun Audio

The first session I checked out was the Shogun Audio x Machine Roulette. Producers Icicle, Prolix and one half of Ulterior Motive took turns trying to create each section of a song in 5 minutes, starting off with the drums, moving on to the bass and eventually lead sounds and finishing off with around 30 mins to work on the arrangement and anything else they could squeeze in.

The producers would swap seats after each 5 minute session and in-between each of the sessions the host opened the floor for questions. It was interesting to see what they could do with such little time and the host also regularly quizzed them on the experience as it progressed.

Watch below for some inside footage of the session:

 I stuck around for the second hour which was a ‘part 2’ to the previous session, where we heard the final beats and asked them more questions, discovering multiple production techniques and tips.


After the entertaining first session, we made our way to the Careers In Music Q&A. The talk was very engaging and consisted of around 5-6 guest speakers of various professional positions within the music industry, all with different experiences and knowledge from doing things such as promoting events, acting as a booking agent, performing live, working at radio, etc. It was a thought-provoking conversation that gave me some insight into the struggles of trying to find your place within the music industry. But not only did they highlight those issues, they also provided recommendations for avoiding them, such as the importance of having various strings to your bow and getting involved with as much as you can, ultimately to promote yourself and gain the extra experience needed to either inspire music composition, a better understanding of what you want to do with a specific idea or brand, or just realising where you feel you fit best in the industry. The guest speakers also emphasised the importance of networking and maintaining a positive reputation throughout your time spent with potential clients, employees, friends, business partners, etc. Due to the nature of the industry, where people regularly cross each others paths at gigs, conferences, and various events, as well as the internet keeping the industry even closer together than before.





Shogun Audio Label Q&A

Later in the day we were lucky enough to sit in on the Shogun Audio Label Q&A. Throughout the 45 minutes we had a brief insight into the inner workings of the label, their history together, their plans for the future and various tips on how to approach labels as an up and coming producer. They also discussed the differences between how the current drum & bass scene (as well as electronic music, and the music industry in general) was 10-15 years ago, compared to now.

It was made clear to me throughout the day, but most notably during this Q&A and the Careers in Music conversation, that not only producers, but anyone wanting to get involved in the music industry has to evolve with it, finding routes to pursue their passion in an ever changing environment, now heavily internet based, that has continued to grow and diversify. They also spoke about reasons behind creating sister label, SGN:LTD. Speaking of the identity and community they have built around Shogun Audio and the desire to keep it that way, but through the creation of the sister label come opportunities to promote and experience new music and build another brand, an opportunity only available to them through the success of, and time they have spent building, Shogun Audio.




Whilst I was roaming around the conference, in-between talks and testing out the numerous synthesisers and pieces of hardware, I managed to meet some really cool people over at the exhibition floor. The first of those being the guys and girls behind the new start-up, Dubzoo. As I walked towards their booth I was greeted by Nana, the Co-Founder/CEO/Decision Maker, as he explained why they had launched the new platform. I was instantly interested in the idea and that was helped partly because the whole team there were very approachable and friendly, answering all of the questions that I or my friends had, representing the brand well and keeping things simple.

Dubzoo is a new platform, currently in its beta stage, where DJs can manage all of their online content completely free of charge. Simply upload a new mix to the website and it will be posted across your entire social media presence. Dubzoo also offer the ability to update social media status’ via their own dashboard, you can also manage your bookings for live shows and get exclusive deals.

Find out more by visiting their website:









Another team I met at the conference were the guys over at Element 5 Systems. They provide PA equipment, high performance sound systems (ranging from 1,000 – 70,000 watts), a range of quality lighting fixtures and professional laser shows to cater for any size event or function. Be sure to get in contact with them if you want to hire out the necessary equipment for any music, or audio, based event. Even if you are unsure of what you need, they will be able to recommend a set up or range of equipment.

Visit their website for more information:



With 30 years of experience training music leaders, CM Training have put together a new training programme. Graduates of their previous courses have gone on to form companies such as the Midi Music Company, Rising Tide and Adfed, as well as working in schools and colleges throughout the UK.

Programme Details

  • 24 weeks
  • 1 evening a week for 3 hours, or weekend
  • Intensive options available
  • Professional training
  • Low tuition fees and monthly payment plans available
  • Trained specialist tutors
  • One to one support
  • Entry based on experience and motivation
  • Small class sizes
    • Previous qualifications not essential
  • Gain a city and guilds (EAT) qualification (Educating and training)
  • Develop workshop leading skills
  • Study teaching and learning theory
  • Design your own teaching materials and resources
  • Train with other musicians and artists, building friendships, support and creative ideas


Call CM on 0207 377 0621 for an application form or download an application from





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