Subsource Introducing – Akcept

Straight out of New Zealand, which is a place fast becoming rich in bass weight and pure in sound, with more and more sound systems popping up and a popular place with a new wave of talent emerging. It’s time to start taking note. With big artists such as Perverse & TRUTH representing for NZ who have been circling our radars for a number of years now, they’re beginning to make way for the new artists on the scene to showcase their style.

Akcept for me is this weeks ‘Producer of the week’. When an Akcept tune drops you know immediately, his style and sound is certainly distinctive and most definitely recognizable. Immersing listeners to a dub like sound with spring delay and echoing reverb, horns, flutes and other elements building up the atmosphere to be a real steppers delight.
Alex Waitoa who produces under the name Akcept has most certainly been drawing plenty of attention from all the right heads in the scene too. Heads such as J:Kenzo, Dusk & Blackdown & N-Type with plays on their RinseFM shows with tracks such as ‘No Stress’, ‘Sewer Rat’ & the seriously huge tune titled ‘Desserd Dubbing’, which seen a recent digital release on the scenes biggest promo outfit FatKidOnFire. The EP consists of 4 massive tracks ‘Dessert Dubbing’, ‘Cut It’, ‘Panic Attack’ & last but not least ‘Martyr’. Undoubtedly a huge style from Akcept most certainly bringing this dubwise sound a whole new style which is standing him out to be one for a better word ‘different’ and most certainly one to watch out for.

A short description of the EP by the FKOF crew.

“The EP opens with ‘Desert Dubbing’, a tune Korrupt’s been testing whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s yet to disappoint. ‘Cut It’ follows – with its wicked sample, wheeling sub and floaty synths. ‘Panic Attack’ evokes an almost Perverse-esque vibe with its haunting atmospherics and relentlessly aggressive low end. If you can’t experience this on a system, you don’t know what you’re missing. Last, but definitely not least, we have ‘Martyr’. It feels like the most experimental inclusion on the record – with its future-facing vibe – but still epitomises the producer’s ability to craft something truly special. It’s a tune that feels at home at 11pm opening the night – and again at 6am as the sun rises.”

You can buy the release via the FKOF bandcamp page by clicking here

And this instantly move’s us forward to Akcept’s free download which also was out on FKOF titled ‘The Ladder’ genuinely a genius made track for sure. Those ever recognizable flutes and spring delays with such depth and some seriously dark atmosphere and edgy vibe. If a vibe like this interests you, you can download for free via FKOF’s soundcloud page here.


Akcept is also starting to spring up on event flyers all across NZ and recently playing at TRUTH’s well respected night Deep Dark & Dangerous, also playing on the EYES DOWN SOUND SYSTEM at F I S. Hes also fast becoming well respected as a DJ with some of the sets he plays earning himself well deserved attention. From my perspective it would be great to see alex overseas in a few UK gigs, so promoters take note.

Another release which seen Akcept’s name on the artwork was on DJ Sashwat’s label Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz. The EP is almost of a Soundclash vibe with The Wriddler for a real old classic root’s and dub style. The pair teamed up together to put some of their best dub works into this one EP titled ‘Roots EP’



  1. The Wriddler – Roots Dub
  2. Akcept – Garden City Skank
  3. The Wriddler – Dedication Dub
  4. Akcept – Springtime Steppa
  5. The Wriddler – Diamond Dub
  6. Akcept – Valley Dub

You can get the full release here

Spoke to the guys over at FKOF and this is what they had to say about him. “Akcept is a magnificent producer from New Zealand that continues to push his own sound into prosperous directions. He incorporates the roots of dub, thrilling bass weight and a futuristic outlook in his music, successfully delivering a warm message to the world. From his vinyl-worthy ‘Walls of Babylon’ remix of a DTR original, his ruff ‘Shook’ collaboration with Sound Unknown, to his FKOFd026 EP – all reveal that he’s a musical genius who is about to break through.”


Its great to see so much new talent emerging year in year out, each year has something new to offer. Finding undiscovered talent at the right times can seriously pay off also giving you a sense of excitement as to whats next for dubstep.

Akcept has a forthcoming release on Instigate Recordings also a free track forthcoming on Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz part of their 4/20EP. So be sure to catch those releases.

If you’re in or around New Zealand be sure to catch him playing at Averted Vision Presents: UNIT 9, in a b2b set with HEADLAND. Check out his facebook page for future event info and releases, or check out more of his music over at his soundcloud page.