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Submotion Orchestra – Colour Theory

Submotion Orchestra – Colour Theory


Music is a form of art, which involves audible sounds and tunes. Being explained in complex terms such as pitch and rhythm etc. Music is, in simpler words, a soul food for music enthusiasts. Since its inception, music has been evolving rapidly. From raindrops hitting the ground and echoing a cave with its melodious voice, to people going live on the floor and singing in front of thousands of people. Different bands have occupied the music industry over the years. One of them, which has taken the bass music scene by storm, is a seven piece band called the Submotion Orchestra.

Submotion Orchestra are one of the most exciting and adventurous music projects working in the UK today. It is a seven piece band which was created in Leeds, UK, in 2009. Their debut album ‘Finest Hours’ was released on Ranking Records worldwide. They have performed all over UK and Europe, including the biggest festivals and events such as Bestival, Outlook Festival and Barbican. Since they started creating music, Submotion Orchestra have released a total number of 4 full-length albums to date. Their latest album released in 2016 is ‘Colour Theory’.

“The Leeds ensemble have built and built on 2011 debut ‘Finest Hour’ mixing thinking man’s dubstep with after dinner sensibilities. Phasing out their cigars and sax era and moving upwards from 2014’s ‘Alium’ without over-egging their bolder strokes, it’s closing time setup expresses humility in a carnival of vapour and afterglow capable of fading into the blackest ever black.”Clash Music


Renowned for their stunning performances in ‘smoky jazz’, Submotion Orchestra has raised the bar, after their last success in 2014 with ‘Alium’, by releasing this masterpiece. Colour theory is a unique attempt, however, it still reflects what Submotion Orchestra is best known for. Colour Theory as a whole is a great step away from what the band has produced in the past. However, it is still a great compilation that would rival any new release. For people who have a liking towards electronic music and people who decide to try something a bit different from what is on the radio, Colour Theory is a must listen. The album’s opener definitely falls under the category of classic Submotion Orchestra style. One of the most catchy tracks in the whole album is the third track; Kimono. This tracks starts up like a lush Asian melody and slowly transforms into a drastically fast paced house-tinged electronically produced track. The whole album has produced many different and innovation vocal manipulations and is a combination of uplifting melodies to inspire the most selective musical connoisseurs.

If there is one thing that is sure from what Submotion Orchestra has produced in Colour Theory, is that they are still the hope lifting band they have always been. Filling their fourth LP with vibrant and melodious tracks, they have produced a work of art. The best things about the Colour Theory is the proximity it holds which helps the tunes in this album to blossom. One of the major standouts in the album is ‘Empty Love’ which uses its stuttering and clumsy drums beautifully to give you an in-depth look into electronica music.
I would certainly recommend this album by Submotion Orchestra. People who have been following this band must know what they are capable of. For people who have not been following Submotion Orchestra up till now, Colour Theory will convince you that listening to the band is the right decision and to further grasp your attention below is Submotion Orchestra live at Koko, London in 2012.