Subsource Introducing – Sub Basics

Sub Basics began his journey in music with a debut release on Imperial Audio back in 2012 with a compilation called Imperialism, since then the young producer and DJ has seen various releases on notable imprints such as New York based Tuba and more recently a physical 12″ with Colorado label Visceral Vibrations. Now studying a creative music technology degree at Bath Spa, Tom’s journey through genres will surely continue.

Sub Basics – The Music

As myself and Elliot who run Imperial Audio were the first label to sign Sub Basics back in 2012, we have had the chance to follow his successes and the cultivation of his sound till now. What started off as a prodominantley Dubstep oriented alias has been ever evolving since then into different tempos and styles, more recently into Trip-Hop and Ambient styles. Tom Wood has a true ear for creating organic and uniquely interesting but relevant music, with influences ranging from Massive Attack, Mala, Breakage and King Tubby the nineteen year old originating from Kent proves his distinctive sound with a broad back-catalogue of music and support from notable names in the underground scene.


With the underground music scene being a saturated field to navigate Sub Basics has done well to embed himself as a unique artist and continues to provide his own style. Deep emotive bass-led electronic music seems to be a basis in Tom’s music, yet there is also a love for weighty low-end orientated sounds amongst the crips highs. You can almost certainly recognise a Sub Basics track and who wouldn’t expect low-end with a name like that. Although the young producer seems somewhat a recluse in regards to media, he has to be one of the most humble guys I’ve encountered in my journey through the scene. Without a doubt Tom deserves all the recognition he gets.

Below are some media reviews

“If you like your dubstep: Greyscale, uncompromising
Kent is known for its bleakly English coastal regions, and there’s definitely something of their environment in Sub Basics’ work. His recent single Vapour/Orbit/Elixir is twenty thousand leagues deep, but the darkness is offset by tightly controlled detailing.” 7 Dubstep Producers Running Things In 2015 – Red Bull

“Relative newcomer Sub Basics steps up to Tuba with a serious six-track report on the state of his creative health. The result? He’s fighting fit and ready to demonstrate some discerning darkness with crystalline clarity. Highlights on this deep and deadly document include the precision positioned percussion on “Khora”, the naked drum jungle homage “Shadow” and the breath-taking jazz pianos on “Sub Basics”. Forward-thinking throughout, we’re anticipating plenty more next level bass business from Sub Basics as he develops.” Review – Juno Download