/JT The Goon – King Triton

JT The Goon – King Triton

JT The Goon was a member of legendary grime squad Slew Dem Crew and co-produced grime anthem Gunman Riddim so it’s safe to say he’s a significant figure when it comes to grimes early glory years.

After being musically quiet for a few years, he stormed back five years ago and has been has been steadily releasing quality music ever since through Oil Gang (especially the magnificent Twin Warriors EP) and it is through this label that he has released his fantastic and well worth the wait album King Triton.

Named after his trusty Korg Triton, with the sound of it firmly becoming his trademark right from the start of Slew Dem days, JT The Goon has released this album at a time when not only grime is another cultural ascendancy but instrumental grime too and it is certain to become a firm favourite with fans of heavy duty grime instrumentals, although with the quality on offer here it is not only grime fans who will appreciate the music on King Triton, open minded hip hop fans in particular will find solace in the beats on the album.

The title track of King Triton kicks things off in fine fashion, all rolling digital beats and that Triton energy complete with cocked trigger samples and the energy and the feel of this opening blast doesn’t let let up throughout the whole album and only when the last beats of final track, the Rabit remix of Twin Warriors ring out you can catch your breath and process the greatness you have just listened to.

The whole album is one big highlight that needs to be but special mention must go the the stirring No Mans Land, the anthemic genius of Still Steppin, the haunting Day One in which he links up with Dullah Beats to stunning effect, the infectious King Arthur and the sheer beauty of 50 Days Of May.

This is infectious music built for raves but also sounds as good in your headphones at home and what the producer has done here has made an album that at the heart of it, has soul on top of the banging beats and a beautiful sense of melody that gives it an utterly uplifting nature throughout.

JT The Goon is one of the best in the game at doing this and long may he continue. An essential listen.