Major record labels have become obsolete for those with the right knowledge, talent and determination. Independent musicians now have, excluding budget, a much more equal playing field when it comes to competing with major artists, through the use of digital distribution services and the power of the internet. Social media is now an intrinsic part of the music industry, so rather than the internet being a place to drum up a hype in hope of catching the ear of a major label A&R, its now possible to sell and promote music online, without ever having been on a mainstream radio station or record label. The impact of electronic music on the mainstream music scene has been huge in recent years, but the underground scenes and communities that ‘break through’ artists originate from still continue to flourish. The digital age of the music industry doesn’t just allocate space for the unheard, independent musicians, but also innovative business ideas that can carve a niche in the industry, like Signalfire.

“In the incredibly saturated electronic music scene, where it seems every man and his dog is a DJ/producer, it is becoming increasingly important to market your music effectively. Well-mastered tracks, correctly marketed promo material and enticingly written press notes are essential for any new release to gain traction – regardless of how good the music is! However, it’s often difficult for new producers and labels with limited connections to find affordable but quality options for their new music. Signalfire is a fresh new company that aims to provide all these services at affordable prices: from written press notes for all release types, professional artist/label biographies, high-quality mastering, PR services to mix-down feedback, quality control/audio file editing and more.”

Olaf de Rooij, Owner of Signalfire.


 (Mastering, biography writing, artwork & merchandise design and much more)

Olaf de Rooij, 25 from Rotterdam, discovered a passion for writing about dubstep classics he had found on SoundCloud which landed him a position with FatKidOnFire, one of the UK’s leading digital culture publications. FKOF later began to release music via its own imprint, as well as continuing their blog posts, promoting up and coming producers. Olaf would continue to help run the FKOF label and blog, but an idea began to blossom within his mind that he would like to start a business to help people within the industry. Fast forward to the current day and Signalfire have received a number of very positive references, from established artists and labels, praising their professional manner and high quality of service.







So whether you’re an up and coming producer just starting your journey, or an established artist, a record label or a blog, keep in mind the kind of platforms of help and education available to you, such as Signalfire, that have experience in the industry and can provide essential services such as;


press-kit creation, artwork and merchandise design, high-end audio mastering, record label management/consultancy, feedback on music and more. 

People will notice the difference between badly mixed tracks and a well-mastered EP/album, due to the over-saturation of the ‘digital music era’, so going that extra mile to invest in your music using a service like Signalfire will ensure you stand out as an artist who takes their craft seriously!




“We have known Olaf in a professional capacity for a substantial number of years & have always had an outstanding working relationship with him due to his efficiency & ethics. We believe that Olaf is an intelligent, likeable & skilled character with a good head for business, planning & organisation. On top of his highly rated skills set his knowledge of the music industry is in great demand, not just covering current & past releases, but trends, media sources & programs needed to support such knowledge in this ever changing business. Olaf always worked to our strict deadlines & understood any briefs supplied, both having become an integral part of our business growth & product promotion.”

Verity Johnson, Label owner & Promoter, Uprise Audio.





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