/Miss Red – Murder

Miss Red – Murder

Best known for her work, both onstage and on the record Angels & Devils, with The Bug, Israeli MC Miss Red takes centre stage with Murder, her first mixtape and harnesses her fiery onstage persona on the fourteen tracks that make up Murder.

As expected Kevin Martin aka The Bug detonates the production on the majority of the riddims on here and the match is as perfect as it is on Angels & Devils and in a live setting but the other productions from the varied likes of Mark Pritchard, Andy Stott, Stereotyp and Evian Christ show that Miss Red can flow on a variety of different styles and sounds just as good as she does on the familiar Bug productions, which she flows over with passion such as the high energy penultimate track one Dog Shot, a track surely to get the crowd hyped up at any dance.

As the heavy acid ragga basslines batter your speakers, Miss Red effortlessly glides through the tracks with her mixture of hazy and hyped vocals and their is lots of variety throughout, especially on tracks like What Would You Like (The track produced by Andy Stott), Rollercoaster and No Guns she almost sounds like a dancehall version of Portishead’s Beth Gibbons but it’s not all a laid back and smoky vibe and on tracks like Sugar, the thumping Lean Back (produced by Stereotyp), the insane Mumdance riddim of Pull It Up, Murder (with a vigorous best from Mark Pritchard) and the dreamlike exhubarance of Fever, Miss Red shows why she can stand toe to toe onstage with The Bug with the legendary likes of Flowdan and Daddy Freddy, such is the ferocity and hunger that she attacks the mic with.

This release is guaranteed to give your speakers a complete workout, the bass as we have come to expect from those involved is immense (just check out the heavy industrial groove mixtape opener Mad, the Evian Christ helmed Leggo and the closing Come Down too for sheer proof!) and Miss Red proves that she can spit over a variety of styles with ease and when these tracks are dropped live, you know the dancefloor won’t be safe.